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Remembering Johan Cruyff’s iconic ‘Cruyff Turn’ from 1974

MUNICH, GERMANY-JULY 07: Holland player Johan Cruyff is tripped by Uli Hoeness of Germany for a penalty kick in the 1st minute of the game watched by referee Jack Taylor during the 1974 World Cup Final at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, West Germany, West Germany won the match 2-1. Mandatory Credit: Allsport UK /Allsport

The late great Johan Cruyff made this signature move his own exactly 45 years ago, it happened at the 1974 FIFA World Cup in Germany.

It’s been 45 years to this day since Johan Cruyff stopped the world from spinning in a matter of seconds, he produced one of the most famous signature moves in football history.

The trick was known as the ‘Cruyff Turn’ since that moment, it’s a move that seems very simple but not everybody can reproduce.

The Dutch genius was the first one to make it popular and it happened at the biggest stage of them all, the 1974 FIFA World Cup that was celebrated in Germany.

During that competition, the Netherlands National Team was arguably the tournament favorite as they had Johan Cruyff playing on their side.

The AFC Ajax star who was already playing at FC Barcelona back then, was at the very peak of his career and nobody seemed capable of stopping him.

This moment of brilliance came during the match between Holland and Sweden, the player who suffered it was right-back Jan Olsson.

We can play this moment over and over on Youtube and it will never get old, Cruyff transformed a moment of brilliance into a work of art.

The trick consists of a 180-degree turn that completely confuses any defender, Cruyff made it perfect with his skill to treat the ball.

Jordi Cruyff pays homage to his father.

As a way to remember his late father, Jordi Cruyff paid homage to this signature move through a tweet that he posted on his personal account.

The son of the late great Johan Cruyff posted the video of the moment in which the Dutch player became immortal with this moment.

His Twitter post read the following: “Forty-five years ago today, at the 1974 World Cup, he pulled the Cruyff Turn out of his hat… I actually suffered it many times while playing football with him in the garden!” wrote the son of the legendary player.

Johan Cruyff is the most revered Dutch player in football history, what he did with his national team and clubs during the peak of his career will never be forgotten by anybody from the Netherlands.

That 1974 World Cup brought us one of the most memorable rivalries in football history as well, the one between Cruyff and Franz Beckenbauer.

The German defender was the only player who could actually stop Cruyff during his prime, it happened during the final of that same tournament.

Now that we honor and celebrate this legend, we must also remember the immense legacy he left to the world of football.

Other players who emulate the ‘Cruyff Turn’.

Just like any artist does it with his life’s work, Johan Cruyff left tidbits of his genius in everything he touched.

As a player, he left this signature move and many other moments of greatness on the pitch.

But his biggest contribution to football can’t really be measured, and it lives on to this day.

Johan is not only the legend of one club but two of them, as both Ajax and FC Barcelona keep him as one of the most important figures in their history.

During his time in the Dutch squad, Johan led by example as a player and left the ‘Total Football’ school to all the other generations that followed him.

The mark he left at FC Barcelona was much greater, he completely transformed the Catalan club’s philosophy as soon as he landed when he was still wearing the kit.

However, his time as a manager was how the football revolution in the club originated. We already know how the story goes, as Johan Cruyff left many pupils along the way.

Pep Guardiola is his biggest one right now, he also performed the iconic ‘Cruyff Turn’ to perfection.

But the ones who took it to a whole new level were Sergio Busquets and most importantly, Xavi Hernandez.

Any of these Catalan players carry the Johan Cruyff torch with pride, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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