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Remembering Luis Suarez’s last goal at Old Trafford

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Barcelona striker Luis Suarez returns to Old Trafford, the stadium in which he came very close to winning the Premier League for Liverpool.

During his career in English football, Luis Suarez managed to score two goals at Old Trafford against Manchester United.

The first one came in 2012, but the second one of the most memorable by far because it came during a 0-3 victory that made all the Liverpool supporters believe that the Reds could actually win the Premier League for the first time in history.

Suarez was completely unplayable that season, nobody believed that Liverpool would lose the chance to win this competition for the first time ever but an unfortunate match against Chelsea was the Reds’ ultimate downfall.

However, Suarez really did show his full potential during that match at Old Trafford and he crowned a memorable performance with his side’s third goal of the evening that signified the 0-3 victory that also included a Steven Gerrard brace.

The other goal that Suarez scored at the same stadium came nearly two years prior to that occasion, but the Red Devils actually won that match with a Wayne Rooney brace and Luis Suarez only managed to score the only goal for the Reds.

With this history at Old Trafford, Suarez is actually the only FC Barcelona player who has scored a goal against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

We already established that Lionel Messi has already scored goals against the Red Devils in two Champions League finals, but the Argentine hasn’t scored goals against the Mancunian side at the Theatre of Dreams like Luis Suarez has.

There is one major problem with Suarez coming to this game, the man hasn’t scored a single away Champions League goal in the last three and a half years.

The last time he got to net a goal was way back in the 2015-16 season, it was at AS Roma’s Stadio Olimpico during the competition’s groups stage in the month of September.

Despite Suarez already having scored 20 La Liga goals and being the hero of Barcelona’s latest two matches, the Uruguay international still hasn’t been able to break this awful drought that has prevented him from helping out his club in the Champions League.

This absence of goals from Suarez has directly affected Barcelona’s chances to reach the final in the last three competitions that Real Madrid coincidentally won, the Uruguay international is desperately looking to finally become that decisive player he was when the Catalan club won that treble on his very first season with the institution.

But the odds for Suarez do seem to be going in his favor, the man has recovered that lost spark in all the competitions he’s been playing and the only element lacking is that away goal he still hasn’t scored for Barcelona in years.

In fact, if you see comparisons between the Luis Suarez from that last match he played at Old Trafford and the one that’s been playing the most recent games for Barcelona, you will see a lot of similarities that might end up giving him the edge against the Manchester United defense.

We can’t stress enough how difficult it is for the Red Devils to compete against the best strikers in the world this season as it was proven by Kylian Mbappe earlier in the competition, the likes of Leo Messi or Luis Suarez might have a field day if they woke up inspired today.

We can pretty much guarantee that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s visit to Camp Nou last weekend wasn’t only to study Messi, but also Luis Suarez and his impressive capabilities this season.

The Uruguay international has a unique opportunity to finally break his three-year drought at a stadium he likes to compete, it is all up to him and how inspired he is for this series.

How well do you think Luis Suarez will do against Manchester United later today at Old Trafford? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.