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Remembering Luka Modric’s legacy ar Real Madrid

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We need to talk about the incredible legacy that Luka Modric left as a Real Madrid player and in the modern football world.

When both Iniesta and Xavi announced their retirements from FC Barcelona, nobody imagined Luka Modric would accomplish at Real Madrid what they didn’t at their club.

During the year of 2010, the two Spanish midfielders became the absolute best in their position when they took their National Team to win the World Cup final against the Netherlands.

Xavi Hernandez provided the balance inside midfield, whereas Andres was the player who was touched by magic and scored the important goals.

Despite having dominated international football for two consecutive years, Ballon d’Or voters still decided to give them the award to Lionel Messi.

As the gentlemen that they are, neither of them complained about the final decision and acknowledged Leo as the best.

However, we all know that both of these players were robbed out of this prize and nobody will ever forget this scandal.

Both of these players would have to wait eight full years in order to finally see a midfielder get the recognition he deserved, Luka Modric was the man who finally broke the curse.

Messi and Ronaldo won all the Ballon d’Or awards from that moment forward and 2018 appeared to end in a similar fashion.

Modric is a combination of both players.

The importance of Luka Modric in both the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA World Cup in 2018 cannot be stressed enough.

This is a player who doesn’t only control the rhythm of a game through his own skill and vision, he can also score important goals when they need him.

Luka Modric is the evolution and combination of what Xavi and Iniesta were together, he proved it during that whole year.

This midfielder was instrumental in Real Madrid’s third consecutive Champions League title under Zinedine Zidane, but his World Cup performance was the reason we swept with all the awards during that year.

We can pretty much describe all the good performances he had throughout the whole competition with Croatia.

However, we prefer to focus on a single match he played during the tournament.

It was during the Group stage in which his national team faced Lionel Messi’s Argentina, Modric scored one of the goals that basically gave them the victory.

This was the very first statement from the Croatian star, he wanted to become the first player who won the Ballon d’Or so he could finally end Leo and Ronaldo’s dominance.

Modric didn’t just want to make a statement, he was coming for the World Cup title and he nearly got it during the competition.

The only obstacle he had after beating the English and the Russians, was France.

But Didier Deschamps’ squad was too powerful to beat for Modric and company, they received a painful 4-2 defeat and left with tears in their eyes.

This loss didn’t eclipse the fact that the Croatian squad just made history in world football, they had never reached a World Cup final and a major part of this was due to Modric’s work.

The Real Madrid star received his personal recognition by winning the competition’s Golden Ball, which acknowledged him as the tournament’s best player.

That would be the first of many awards he would win in 2018, Luka truly made history during that magical year.

The reason we write about Modric today is that he arrived at Real Madrid exactly seven years ago today.

Coming from Tottenham Hotspur, Luka came to Los Blancos without knowing the wonders that awaited him during all these years.

As he burns through his veteran stage with the Spanish giants, we can’t forget about the massive legacy he will leave behind him after he decides to call it quits with Los Blancos.

This is the man who changed football history, the one who ended the most dominant era in sports history.


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