Remembering Ronaldinho’s magic with the ball at his feet

Right on Ronaldinho’s 39th birthday, it’s time to remember some of his most brilliant moments as a player, one of the most talented players in history.

Today is a very special day for one of the footballers who exuded magic with the ball at his feet, today is Ronaldinho Gaucho’s birthday and there is no better way to remember him than with a piece about his biggest moments in football.

We’ll start with the fact that he began to show the world what a great player he was from a very early age, those Nike commercials of him playing futsal as a young kid are the stuff of legend.

From that early moment in his career, people could already see what a talented player he was going to become and his shy smile always lit up when he did something amazing with the ball or scored a goal.

Even from that moment, Ronaldinho was already enjoying his skills and he knew that he would probably become a professional player.

When he was already the major star he became, Nike made a video with that footage and they added some video with new footage of him also wearing white and playing futsal as an adult and an homage to that little kid that brought so much joy to the whole world.

We move on to his teenage years, to a time when Brazilian Ronaldo still ruled the world and ‘Dinho’ had to modify his name in order to not get confused.

The young star’s full name is Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, but soon everybody started calling him Ronaldinho because he was the younger one of the two.

Even though he did have the striker as one of his idols, Ronaldinho knew that his style of play was very different from that of the Inter Milan and Real Madrid star.

The first major tournament that saw Ronaldinho shine with Brazil for the first time was the 1999 Confederations Cup, the one that he lost against Mexico in the final but saw him finish the competition as the top-scorer alongside Cuauhtemoc Blanco.

From that moment forward, Ronaldinho started his rise to power and moved to Paris Saint-Germain in the year 2001.

His next challenge was going to be at the FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan, Ronaldinho was given the number ’11’ jersey for the competition as he accompanied the already mentioned Ronaldo Nazario and Rivaldo on the attack.

The matches that Ronaldinho played were the stuff of legend, these were the very first signs that we were under true greatness and the best proof of this was his incredible free-kick goal against England from an impossible angle.

That match both exciting as it was disappointing for Ronaldinho, as he gave his best performance of the competition but was suspended for the semifinal after getting a red card.

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But that 2002 show was only a small glimpse of what he would become, Ronaldinho was well on his way to the very top and he really transformed into an untouchable player when people tried to compare him to the rest.

The sweet spot for the Brazilian magician came between 2003 when he signed his contract with FC Barcelona, and 2006 when he won the UEFA Champions League with the Catalan club.

Those three years can easily be considered the happiest moments in modern football history thanks to Ronaldinho, a man who was born on the first day of spring in 1980 and brought all the colorful connotations that come with that season.

We have to consider that Ronaldinho was the very best player during that period of time in the era of the best Thierry Henry, the best Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo Nazario’s revival, and also during the time in which Pavel Nedved became one of the best players in the world when he was performing for Juventus.

All those incredible talents were completely outperformed by this Brazilian with the crooked smile, the true magician of football. We wish Ronaldinho a very happy 39th Birthday.

What’s your happiest memory of Ronaldinho Gaucho as a player? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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