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Remembering Ronaldo Nazario’s last Milano Derby goal

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Ahead of next weekend’s Milano Derby, it’s a perfect day to remember the day in which Ronaldo Nazario scored the goal that gave him a unique record.

The Milano Derby history is one of the richest ones we have in football, one of its most prominent members is Ronaldo Nazario da Lima because he wore the jerseys from both squads during very different eras of his professional career.

There is the pre-injury time period and the post-injury time period, Ronaldo was a very different player in one and the other.

There is no question that the best Ronaldo Nazario we got in Serie A was the one from Inter, we were before one of the potential best players in football history before he suffered that horrible knee ligament injury against SS Lazio.

During his time at Internazionale when he first arrived in Italian football, Ronaldo scored a total of four goals in the Milano Derby against AC Milan and only one after he returned to Serie A when he was already wearing the Rossoneri colors.

On his first spell in Italian football, Ronaldo got two draws, one victory, and one defeat in the domestic competition against AC Milan.

This was the mercurial striker who made the whole world fall in love with football, the one player who everybody thinks could’ve been even better than Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.


Unfortunately for Ronaldo, that nasty injury happened and he wasn’t able to continue his rise to the very top amongst the all-time greats as he was sidelined for almost two years without competing.

Upon his return to activity, the Brazilian had his chance to come back during the 2002 World Cup with his national team and he did it in a very low-key manner because nobody even expected him to perform.

However, Ronaldo was determined to make his triumphant return to the top of his game and he gave us one of the most beautiful comeback stories in football history.

Soon after his imminent return to the very top, Ronaldo Nazario decided to leave Internazionale Milano to play for Real Madrid during the rest of his prime.

From age 26 until he was 30, we got some of the last great football that Ronaldo had in store for us in top-tier football.

The forward was even capable of winning the Pichichi trophy once for Real Madrid, he won La Liga in his debut season and became a household name for Los Blancos alongside all the Galacticos.

After ending his period in Spain and very tired from all the effort, Ronaldo Nazario decided to give Italian football another chance and the Rossoneri offered him his last contract in a world-class European football club.

Despite not being at his best, Ronaldo still had one last memorable night to give us in the very last Madonnina Derby of his career.

This was the day in which Zlatan Ibrahimovic played against his boyhood idol, the Swedish striker scored one of his side’s two goals in the match but Ronaldo is the one who stole the show.

There are very few players in football history who can brag about having a unique record in football, Ronaldo Nazario certainly is one of them.

When he took the ball in midfield and took his shot from a distance to get past goalkeeper Julio Cesar, we didn’t realize that the Brazilian legend was giving us one of his greatest achievements as a veteran player of this beautiful sport.

Ronaldo became the only player in football history who has ever scored goals in both the Spanish El Clasico, as well as the Milano Derby while wearing the jersey from all four squads in different time periods.

There is no other striker more suited for a record as incredible as this one, Ronaldo’s whole career in Europe was complete with that nifty little detail that he gave to all his fans.

Not too long after that historic night, ‘Ronnie’ suffered the exact same knee ligament injury on his other leg and completely squashed his hopes to keep playing in Europe.

But that Milano Derby is one that Ronaldo will remember for the rest of his life.

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