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Remembering that Cristiano Ronaldo perfect free-kick

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On a day like today, Cristiano Ronaldo scored the perfect free-kick vs Portsmouth FC in the Premier League during his golden Manchester United era.

It was 11 years ago when Cristiano Ronaldo set himself up for arguably one of the most beautiful free-kicks ever taken by any player in football history, this was the representation of a perfect set-piece by many and one of Manchester United’s greatest goals ever.

Any person who was a kid during the ’90s can remember the anime football show by the name of ‘Captain Tsubasa’, the main protagonist of the show had a special kind of signature shot that made an odd parable because of the way Tsubasa Oozora struck the football.

If you ask me, I never imagined that I would see this same effect in real life decades later when Cristiano Ronaldo appeared in world football.

The similarities between both shots are uncanny, only the shot taken by the now Juventus star is a lot more impressive than the actual cartoon because nobody believed their eyes when it first happened.

The ball created an effect better known as ‘Folha Seca’, which basically describes a ball that makes no rotation as it travels through the air straight to the goalkeeper and it makes an unpredictable effect that nobody can avoid.

Out of the many ways to strike the ball in football history, there have been many great free-kick takers who have their own signature moves.

We have Davi Beckham’s clean and elegant strike, one that describes a player who clearly loves precision every time he hits the ball.

We have Roberto Carlos’ powerful left foot, a man who defied the laws of physics back in 1998 when he scored that incredible goal against France just before the World Cup.

We have Ronaldinho’s unique way of bending the ball, another master at clinical strikes who became famous scoring important goals for Barcelona.

We also have Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi, two lefties who practically strike the ball in a very similar manner as Diego taught Leo how to take the best possible free-kick and helped him improve his technique.

But out of all the different football players who have gifted us with their different styles of bending the ball, there is absolutely no one like Cristiano Ronaldo.

The man is extraterrestrial even when he does this, a very detailed technique to strike the ball that has taken him hours and hours of practice and gave the best results when he was still playing for Manchester United.

There have been several goals that Ronaldo scored with this specific bending of the ball, but none as the one he got against Portsmouth on January 30, 2008.

It was arguably the very best season that Cristiano Ronaldo ever played as a Manchester United player, back when he helped the Red Devils win the Premier League and the Champions League during the same year.

It was one of the most important matches of the year for the Red Devils, they were away playing for three very important points and Portsmouth was having a relatively good season at home.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the one who helped the team win 2-0 with an initial goal after an assist from Nani and that insanely perfect free-kick, one that made the ‘Folha Seca’ effect at the highest speed you can imagine and plunged into the goalkeeper’s left top corner with perfect symmetry.

Absolutely everybody who was at Old Trafford that evening will ever forget that they witnessed a true work of art, a struck of genius from a player who was well on his way to become one of the best footballers the world has ever seen.

There is a fat chance that any other football player will ever strike the ball in the same way Cristiano Ronaldo does it, that’s another reason this man is so unique.

Which other free-kick do you think was better than this one scored by Cristiano Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.