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Remembering the best goal in Premier League history


It’s Dennis Bergkamp’s 50th birthday so it’s a perfect day to talk about the most beautiful goal in Premier League history. You know which one we mean.

In Premier League history there have been many great strikers who became goal-scoring specialists, but perhaps none were as exquisite as Dennis Bergkamp.

The non-flying Dutchman played for Arsenal during the better part of his career and he turned scoring goals into an art form.

People around the world will tell you just how clinical this player was in front of goal, he has so many to choose from that picking a single one would be impossible.

But Dennis was so good at scoring goals, that he was the one who put us out of our misery and decided to score the best goal in Premier League history.

The debate about his many great goals was starting to become boring, which is why he suddenly scored the goal to end all the debates.

We are talking about the one that the overwhelming majority considers the best Premier League goal in football history, that ridiculous one he scored against Newcastle at St. James’ Park back in 2002.

We remember this beauty on Bergkamp’s 50th birthday to wish him the very best on this special day, there is no way that people who watched the Premier League back then won’t remember this goal.

The build-up for the goal.

Dennis Bergkamp had been scoring many amazing goals before this evening at St. James’ Park came between Arsenal and Newcastle United.

The Gunners were at the peak of their game back then and they had the duo formed by both Bergkamp and Thierry Henry.

The Dutchman had already scored some very impressive stunners until that point of his career, he was already a seasoned player who lived a successful career at Ajax.

He arrived at the Gunners when he was still only 26 years old, he is one of the few players who survived the generational shift when Arsene Wenger arrived in the club.

Dennis Bergkamp truly was a Gunners’ legend, the man had already scored a beautiful goal against Argentina in the FIFA World Cup.

However, what he did back in March 2002 is a piece of skill that people still can’t believe to this day.

We had to watch the goal in slow motion in order to understand what the Dutchman did, he was brilliant in the execution.

The man was coming from dealing with a three-match ban after lunging against Jamie Carragher’s leg during a match against Liverpool.

Bergkamp was angry and he wanted revenge on the pitch, he tended to take his frustration out through playing beautiful football.

Robert Pires’ with the assist on Dennis.

The play happened so quickly, Bergkamp was moving on the pitch towards the Newcastle goalkeeper with one defender covering his back.

French midfielder Robert Pires saw him making the move and he simply decided to send a potent low pass, one that other players wouldn’t be able to receive properly.

As Bergkamp saw the ball coming in hot, the man decided to create an auto-pass that made him go around the defender on one direction and the ball on the other way.

This single movement allowed him to clear the space and he stood in front of the goalkeeper with the chance to take his shot.

Bergkamp had just produced one of the most beautiful plays anybody ever saw and scored one of the most ridiculous goals in Premier League history.

We can play this goal on a loop for hours and still enjoy it, it has been over 17 years since that happened.

We thank Dennis Bergkamp for producing such a beautiful moment in football, and we obviously wish him a very happy 50th Birthday.

We will never forget moments like the one he produced at St. James’ Park on that March evening.

When a journalist asked him if he really attempted to do what he did, it was almost as if Dennis got offended by the question.

Of course he attempted it, there is no way that happens to a player by accident.

Can you tell us about any other goal that you liked better than this one in Premier League history? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.