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Remembering the day Luis Suarez eliminated PSG

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It’s a perfect time to remember the day in which Luis Suarez eliminated PSG practically on his own during the Champions League quarterfinals.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been four years since that magical night that Luis Suarez had at Parc des Princes vs PSG.

This magical career-defining moment came during the Uruguay international’s first season at FC Barcelona and it did in spectacular fashion.

This was the trident era in which Luis shared the spotlight with the likes of Lionel Messi and Neymar at the Catalan club.

All three players were at the very top of their game and they might have completed the single most prolific season in football history from an attacking trio.

Suarez didn’t even start the season with the Catalan club due to a suspension he got after biting Giorgio Chiellini in the 2014 World Cup.

Luis wasn’t allowed to play for the Spanish club until after 2014 was over but his inclusion in the squad gave Barcelona impressive firepower.

One of Suarez’s greatest nights with the Catalan club came at the Champions League quarterfinals vs Paris Saint-German, the striker scored a double that eliminated the French giants.

This away performance was one of the best of the player’s career and proved that his squad was well on its way to winning the treble that season.

A night to remember

Suarez made David Luiz suffer like he never did again in his career with two consecutive nutmegs that effectively drove the Brazilian out of PSG.

Luis Suarez was never seen performing at this level away for FC Barcelona but it does bring up some great memories that can motivate him for today.

The Catalan club will need the best Luis Suarez for this Tuesday’s match against Manchester United at Camp Nou.

The Uruguay international may not be lucky in front of goal when his side is away in the Champions League but Camp Nou is a very different deal.

All the Barcelona players improve their game when they are playing at their own stadium in front of their own crowd.

Some may think that Luis Suarez is far from being the same type of player he was four years ago but those people are wrong.

This striker is actually a stringer type of player today because he’s been hitting the gym in order to strengthen his muscles around his knees due to an injury he suffered recently.

Suarez hasn’t been able to go under the knife and he decided to get stronger instead.

This hard work at the gym has brought a lot of criticism to Suarez from people who are not aware of the sacrifice he’s made to get bigger in size.

Luis Suarez then and now

The Luis Suarez from that video four years ago looks slimmer but both players are just as fast and combative as always.

In fact, WhoScored reveals that Luis Suarez has already played the same number of matches this season than his first one (43).

The Uruguay international has only scored two fewer goals then back in 2015 and this season is still far from over.

The difference between this season and his first one at Barcelona lies in the number of Champions League goals he scored.

Back when the Catalan club won the treble with him as the striker, Suarez scored 7 goals in 10 appearances in the competition.

This season has been very different as Suarez has already played 7 times with no goal scored yet.

But the sensations for this final part of the season remain positive and there is a major chance that he will score against Manchester United later today.

Luis Suarez may have not scored at Old Trafford last week but he still remained as one of the most dangerous players against Manchester United.

Having the full support of his fans will be a huge boost in his confidence and it could bring him to another historic evening like the one from four years ago at Parc des Princes.

How many goals could Luis Suarez score against Manchester United? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.