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Remembering Wayne Rooney’s career at Man United


We need to talk about the amazing career that Wayne Rooney had at Man United, he arrived at Old Trafford 15 years ago today.

It was 15 years ago today when Sir Alex Ferguson signed Wayne Rooney for Manchester United, this is one of the best English players of all-time.

We need to remember the incredible career that Wayne had with the Red Devils, but we need to go back in time even further.

We cut back to August 2002, when Rooney was still a teenager and made his debut against Tottenham Hotspur.

As a true scouser, Wayne never doubted that he wanted to someday play for Everton.

There is the always present battle between the Merseyside clubs, Liverpool and the Toffies.

Rooney’s family supported the ladder throughout their whole life, which meant that Wayne had no other choice.

On his debut against Spurs, the lad assisted Mark Pembridge for the first goal. Every single time he touched the ball, all Tottenham fans kept asking him who he was.

The world knew that Wayne Rooney was about to make his impact in the Premier League, but nobody imagined how great he would become.

Everton enjoyed their player for only two seasons, there were several clubs after him and all of them were willing to pay good money for his skills.

There was even a €24 million offer from Newcastle that the Tiffies rejected, but they knew that a massive club would come for him eventually.

Sir Alex Ferguson put Wayne on his radar.

From the very first moment Wayne played against Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson knew that he wanted to sign that player for his squad.

There were many aspects of him that the Scotsman liked, one was his natural hatred against Liverpool.

But his goal-scoring skills was the main reason Ferguson convinced the Manchester United board to make an effort for him, they ended up paying €28 million for a teenager.

When he first arrived at Old Trafford, Wayne was still 18 years old. Ferguson gave him the number ‘8’ jersey, and started giving him a chance to play from the very start.

It was evident that Rooney would become a star, but he became the biggest star that Manchester United fans ever saw.

Even though other players such as Cristiano Ronaldo or George Best were considered more talented than Rooney, the Englishman had a traditional appeal to the supporters.

Wayne became the team’s captain during his veteran years, and the fans truly considered him one of the biggest legends at the club.

He was no ‘Fergie Boy’, but Rooney still earned the respect from everybody through hard work and many titles at the club.

After 13 years wearing the Manchester United kit, Rooney finally decided to begin preparations for his retirement.

He obviously wanted to return to Everton, the first club that gave him a chance to become a professional.

However, we never saw the same Rooney that mesmerized the world as a Red Devil. That player is long gone, although we still watch him perform at a decent level in the MLS.

The love story between Wayne and Manchester United goes beyond anything that the club’s supporters could’ve ever imagined.

Him being an Englishman is a major component that gives him even more credibility amongst his compatriots.

Because Rooney didn’t only become a legend for his club, he also broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s record as the all-time top-scorer for the England National Team.

There have been many incredibly talented English players in football history, but none has made an impact as impressive as the one Wayne made.

There was even a time during the Messi and Ronaldo era, in which Rooney was truly considered the third-best player in the world.

An unfortunate injury was the only reason he didn’t continue with that progression, but he still returned to keep delivering results.

We all miss the best Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, he was a truly spectacular player.


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