Renato Sanches says he can do more

The Bayern Munich footballer is trying to find his place in the German Bundesliga record-title holders and wishes he can showcase more in the future.

After playing two years in Benfica senior squad and the B team, Portuguese footballer Renato Sanches joined German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich in 2016.

But in three years with the Bavarians, with a one year loan to Swansea City in the English Premier League, Sanches has only played 45 matches with Bayern.

“I tried to remember that when I transferred to Bayern in 2016. That was about a month before I won the Euros with Portugal,” he told The Player’s Tribune.

“And, man, the Euros were beyond words — it’s the achievement I will be most proud of for a long, long time.”

“But I thought the tournament had prepared me for all the pressure in the Bundesliga. I thought I was ready. I found out pretty quick, though, that I wasn’t,” he explained.

“Football Munich, and in Germany as a whole, is so different. In Portugal, I would just run and run and run because I had the technical ability and awareness to make up for any fatigue.”

“In Germany, you can run, but the game is so fast that it has to be coordinated otherwise you’ll get caught out of position. Everything was just different,” he added.

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“My first season at Bayern wasn’t ideal. I know that. I heard what people were saying about me.”

“Last summer, playing with Bayern again, I feel like I began to find my game. I had these big goals after we won Euros,” Sanches said.

“I wanted to win the Ballon d’Or, win all these medals and trophies. And I still have those ambitions, but now when I picture my future, they come after my new dreams.”

“I want to be in great shape. I want to play more minutes. I want to keep hearing people around Munich say, ‘That’s the Renato we signed, that’s why we got him’,” he concluded.


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