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Renee Hector sank into depression after reporting racist abuse

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The former Tottenham defender, Renee Hector, was the first recorded of racial abuse after Sophie Jones made monkey noises towards the Spurs footballer.

In the first recorded racism abuse case in women’s football, an independent Football Association regulatory commission found Sheffield United’s Sophie Jones guilty.

The player was banned for five matches, and fined £200 but denied allegations she made monkey noises towards ex-Tottenham Hotspur footballer Renee Hector.

Today the defender talked to the BBC on how she went into depression after the case.

“The online abuse affected me really deeply, but it wasn’t just me, it affected my family and really affected my mum,” Hector said.

“I was just spiraling out of control, basically, I started sinking into depression because there were lots of insecurities that I had already and it was highlighted for the world to see.”

She explained: “I had spent years struggling with my weight, it first started when my mum got diagnosed with breast cancer and I also tore my anterior cruciate ligament in my knee so I couldn’t play for a year.”

“All the comments online sparked all those stories back in my head, and I was my own worst enemy.”

“My lowest point was when I had to have a week off work because I couldn’t physically leave my bed and didn’t really leave the house. Every time I looked in the mirror I felt disgusted with myself,” she added.

“One thing I do know if I stay true to myself. If it gets one more person off the pitch who has said something racist then I’ve done what I can to help the cause.”