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Reopening betting and lotto Shops in New Zealand: pros and cons

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It was a big relief for New Zealand to move to coronavirus alert Level 2 on May 13.

Similar to every country’s system, more businesses started to reopen in Aotearoa to keep the economy moving including the betting and lottery shops. Nevertheless, these companies must follow the relevant public health measures such as improving hygiene practices across all of their counters, maintaining social distancing among staff and customers, and wearing face masks. 

Each year, Lotto NZ provides big benefits and participates in more than 3,000 good causes around the nation including resourcing Sport New Zealand, Creative New Zealand, and New Zealand Film Commission. Some services like ticket write-up counters will continue to close so the players will not scratch instant Kiwi tickets purchased in-store. Here are the pros and cons of the betting and lotto shops reopening in New Zealand after the coronavirus outbreak.


Lotto NZ will continue online

Purchasing tickets in the store is advantageous for some whereas others prefer buying them online. One of the advantages of the Betting and Lotto shops reopening is the increase in online ticket buyers even though some stores started to operate as well as an increase in players at leading websites with safe casino games as says CasinoDeps. This firm is very pleased with this great change and promised to continue to sell tickets online. The customers can, thus, have two options between open and online stores.

The firm operates with certain restrictions

The Covid-19 disease has changed lives around the world and in New Zealand, the virus has also landed. Obviously, various measures have implemented to slow down the spreading of this pandemic virus. Since Aotearoa moved to alert level 2, the nation is ready to get back into normal life after many weeks of lockdown. With the reoperating of some Lotto stores, the company is committed to keeping both employees and customers safe. That is the reason why this crown entity is operating with some barriers.

Great hope to rise again

As Lotto NZ has funded the communities in this country, similar to every business, its revenue has gone after a coronavirus nightmare. In fact, each year this Betting and Lotto comes with 100% of profits spreading to more charitable acts around the country. Effectively, its revenue has gone but the firm hopes to find solutions to run it successfully again. It is undeniable that some changes are going to occur but the group will have to adapt to them. Being optimistic to be able to survive this crisis as well as to cross the economic recession is the company’s main objective.


The decline in ticket sales

As reported by Chris Lyman, a lotto NZ chief executive, during the quarantine, there was a big increase in online ticket sales. Nonetheless, this customer’s purchase has reduced around 60% over the lockdown which is a disappointment to the firm. Despite this decrease, the firm hopes that running again this business enables the customers to purchase the tickets in the open stores. However, the customers who prefer purchasing online can continue their habits whereas those who want to visit the stores are allowed to claim their prizes there.

Closing of ticket write-up counters

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, the ticket write-up counters will remain closed. The players, therefore, will not able to scratch the tickets in the stores. Those who win will be informed by the ticket checker so the only people who validate the winning tickets are the retailers. Moreover, Lotto NZ is implementing hygiene practices on its counters by sensitizing its customers and staff to respect and follow hygiene measures.

Final words

Many businesses across the world are struggling to manage this global health crisis including the Kiwi companies. With the downgrade to alert Level 2, Betting and Lotto NZ are among the sectors that are allowed to reopen. Actually, the lottery is one of the most attractive games in this nation and has become the principal resource for sports, heritage, arts and film, and many others. Another good news that is worth mentioning is the New Zealand racing return confirmed by the Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA). 

Those who are the fun of this entertaining activity are required to check the transitional schedule about the rest of the 2019-2020 season. It is also the case of Harness Racing New Zealand, which started to reoperate on 29 May. These revised calendars must be bundled with prevention measures to avoid the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus.

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