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Report: A players’ trade between Juventus and Barcelona could happen

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According to the Italian media, a players’ trade between Juventus and FC Barcelona could happen in the summer transfer window. 

Juventus and FC Barcelona might be on the verge of making a players’ trade during the summer transfer window. According to a report from Corriere dello Sport, another player exchange could happen between both clubs. Last summer, we already saw Juventus accept a midfielder trade with the Catalan club. This means there’s a good working relationship between both institutions. Only this time, the players in question are amongst some of the most talented in the world.

This rumor suggests that Paulo Dybala will be used as a bargaining chip to bring Antoine Griezmann to Serie A. The Argentine player hasn’t been the same since he recovered from Covid-19 and the club doesn’t want to just give him away for a low price. This is why they are thinking about using him in a potential trade for another great player. The first option they have is in Barcelona.

Griezmann or Icardi are Juventus’ options. 

Considering Antoine Griezmann has taken a long time to adapt to FC Barcelona, the Bianconeri will attempt to lure him to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. However, they are also willing to ask PSG for Mauro Icardi in a possible trade if Griezmann doesn’t like the idea. The bottom line is that Juventus doesn’t want to keep Paulo Dybala for much longer. But then again, there’s a fat chance other great clubs want to sign Paulo if he isn’t playing at the same level we know him for.

Getting rid of the Argentine playmaker won’t be as easy as it looks at first glance. Barcelona would only agree to this trade if Leo Messi likes the idea of playing alongside his compatriot more than he enjoys playing with Antoine. Only time will tell what will happen. This also seems like a desperate move to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to stay, doesn’t it?