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Report: Arsenal FC are close to a deal for Dani Ceballos

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After extensive negotiations, Real Madrid has reached an agreement with Arsenal for Dani Ceballos. Diario AS reports on Dani’s new club.

Even though Zinedine Zidane is getting most of the players he wants, he also needed to close exit deals like the one of Dani Ceballos’ to Arsenal.

The French manager is very upfront with the players he doesn’t want, he never wants to leave an impression that could give any of them a beacon of hope and he just proved it with Gareth Bale.

But the Welshman is not the only player who has disagreements with the manager, there are more footballers who haven’t quite reached common ground with him.

Paradoxically, the playmaker position is the one in which Zidane is having the most problems choosing his ideal player.

The man already decided to not allow James Rodriguez to return to the club, he also has many doubts about Isco Alarcon.

But the one who is the most neglected by far is Dani Ceballos, the young Spaniard never really clicked with ‘Zizou’ from the very beginning.

Ever since he arrived, the French boss made his choice to not play him during matches and not even include him on the bench in most games during his first spell.

Dani is another one of Florentino Perez’s signings, a player who fits the profile of the Spanish names whom the president wants at the club.

Zidane doesn’t see eye to eye with Perez on this one, he doesn’t think all the players he brings are worthy to play with Los Blancos.

Ceballos leaves, Isco remains.

It was pretty evident that the French manager had three players to choose from and only one position, which is the playmaker’s spot.

Zidane already has Marco Asensio as the set footballer who will grow as the best option for the job, but he still had James, Isco, and Ceballos for the other spot.

Rodriguez appears to be very close to leaving, his reputation is big amongst several clubs.

The only doubt Zidane had was with Isco and Ceballos, he obviously preferred keeping Alarcon but the first offer that came was the one that he would accept.

Fortunately for the gaffer, Arsenal apparently just made a convincing offer for the Spanish player and he won’t even join Los Blancos in the pre-season.

Dani had several options to play next, but Unai Emery was key to convince him that his best option was to play with the ‘Gunners’.

Mauricio Pochettino also met with Dani during the summer, as some AC Milan’s officials did but Emery was the one who convinced him.

Another option for Dani was Sevilla FC, but his Real Betis past played a major role in his rejection for the Andalucian club.

The Premier League was the most obvious destination for this playmaker.

In recent months, Dani Ceballos has been making public statements in which he revealed that staying at Real Madrid wasn’t an option.

Zidane has never considered him an ideal player for the starting XI, which was clear for the player from the very beginning.

During the summer tournament with the Spanish National Team, Dani said that he was only going to play for a club that gave him all the minutes he required in order to keep growing as a professional.

This leaves Real Madrid only with Isco and Asensio to compete for a single position, which makes things less difficult for Zidane.

Ceballos will have a great time playing in the Premier League, he is another Spanish creative player who comes to improve the competition.

Arsenal just got a great addition to their squad, he will increase their chances to fight for trophies in the next decade.

The only missing link for Real Madrid in regards to the playmaker position is to set a destination for James Rodriguez.

With Ceballos already set on Arsenal, getting James a new club won’t be that difficult because the club will have one less concern on their mind.

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