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Report: Barcelona make PSG a brand new offer for Neymar

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Both FC Barcelona and PSG are doomed to reach an agreement over Neymar, the Catalan club offered a more convincing offer today.

It looks like FC Barcelona and PSG are destined to understand each other for Neymar, new information about another offer just came to light.

The Catalan club’s initial €40 million offer plus Coutinho and Dembele was rejected by the French giants, they considered it below what they expected.

However, Nasser Al-Khelaifi already knows that keeping Neymar at the club is simply not an option for them.

The club is convinced that they don’t want anything more to do with the player, he’s been showing several signs of disrespect to the club before the end of last season and he doesn’t stop.

It is clear that something happened between Neymar and the club’s board during that time, the player wasn’t happy with many aspects of his time in Paris.

The first real sign that he wasn’t comfortable was his statement against the younger players inside the club right after the Coupe de France final.

Contrary to what other experienced players do when the younger ones make mistakes, Neymar came after them with an explosive rant in the mixed zone after losing the final against Rennes.

These statements were a bomb to the club’s chairman, who obviously doesn’t accept any type of division between his players and his response was swift.

The Brazilian told the board that he didn’t want to remain at the club before the Copa America.

The offer in question.

According to Sky Sports from Germany, FC Barcelona understood that the first offer for the Brazilian wasn’t what PSG expected but they were open for further negotiations either way.

They already expected the initial reaction, they are open to exploring new alternatives and the options are not as limited as they expected.

Turns out that Paris Saint-Germain is starting to look desperate in the negotiating table, the French club wants Neymar out as soon as possible.

Now that they know they have a chance to actually sign the Brazilian again, they made a more compelling offer that PSG might actually accept.

The report from Sky confirms that Barcelona offered €100 million and the ability for PSG to choose two out of five different players.

The names of the players they are putting on the table are Philippe Coutinho, Ivan Rakitic, Malcom, Nelson Semedo, and Ousmane Dembele.

Out of the list of names the Spanish giants offered, they would obviously like Coutinho and Rakitic to be considered in the offer.

However, they know that PSG doesn’t want Rakitic because he is already considered a veteran player despite his immense talent.

There is no confirmation that suggests this will be the final offer from Barcelona, they are willing to keep negotiating until the final days of the transfer window.

How the payments would work.

Regardless of the final offer that PSG accepts for Neymar, FC Barcelona keeps mentioning that they cannot afford the money payment during this transfer window.

They are requesting PSG to let them pay for that cash by the start of next summer’s transfer window in order to respect the Financial Fair Play rules imposed by FIFA and UEFA.

The Catalan club already maxed out on what they can spend this summer after paying for Antoine Griezmann’s full transfer fee in cash.

PSG seems so desperate to get rid of Neymar, that they wouldn’t mind waiting a full year to get the payment for the final offer they almost inevitably will accept before the end of the summer.

Neymar’s other options don’t appear logical right now due to the player’s determination to return to Barcelona, he requested PSG to keep the communication with his former club.

Even though the player’s father is exploring other clubs, there is no question that the Brazilian star’s top priority is to return to the club from where he left back in 2017.

This negotiation is ongoing and both clubs maintain constant communication every day, this drama is far from over.

We will make sure that you remain informed on the situation as it unfolds on a daily basis.

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