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Report: Beckham could go after Suarez for Inter Miami

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Inter Miami is set to start its first pre-season in January of next year, and David Beckham is rumored to be signing Luis Suarez.

Inter Miami is set to start Major League Soccer (MLS) operations next year as it joins the American competition.

And owner David Beckham is looking to sign big-name players in order to attract the crowd to the stadium.

One of these names might be that of Uruguayan star Luis Suarez.

According to Joan Poqui, Barcelona editor at Mundo Deportivo, the MLS is a very attractive tournament for the Blaugrana footballer.

“Getting the signature of Luis Suarez is the great aspiration of David Beckham, who has founded Inter Miami, one of the lastest teams created in the Major League Soccer,” Poqui wrote today.

“The interest of the Beckham team for the Uruguayan is not new, although Edinson Cavani (from Paris Saint-Germain) might also join them; but the novelty is that Barça club sources warn that the striker is receptive to the tempting American proposal.”

“That Luis Suarez is receptive to the interest of Inter Miami does not mean that he is thinking about leaving Barça in the short term, but he does consider that it could be a good culmination to his career,” he concluded.