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Report: Buffon is in no rush to retire

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Gianluigi Buffon is happy at Juventus and in no rush to retire from playing football.

Buffon is 41 years old. He returned to his beloved Juventus this season after a year away in Paris with PSG.

The goalkeeper recently broke Paolo Maldini’s club appearance record.

While the former Italian number one is the second choice at his club right now, he is happy with his position.

However, he does admit he would only accept that role at Juventus.

In an interview reported by Football Italia, he talks about his current position and a potential swansong with the Italian national team

He said:

“Quite rightly, a few people at the start were confused by accepting this new role, but I realised the only club where I could accept being the second choice was Juventus.”

“I waited and I was proved right.”

“I am glad to be back in the dressing room with my teammates, embracing the fans and directors again, lads who I experienced so much with both on and off the field.”

“That was why I made this choice.”

The Italian national team coach Roberto Mancini recently suggested that if Buffon was going to retire, he would grant him a final Azzurri cap.

Buffon added:

“I thank Mancini, who has always been kind to me.”

“If the Federation and Mancini did have this idea, I’d accept it the moment I decided to end my playing career.”

His return to the Bianconeri has coincided with the appointment of a new manager, Maurizio Sarri.

Buffon is enjoying the wisdom of another experienced footballing mind.

He continued:

“Sarri has very clear ideas and that is because he’s been working in football for 30 years.”

“So in that time he experienced and learned so much, from success and failure.”

“He’s certain of what he’s saying and that passes on to the players.”

“The group is also ready to learn something new after this philosophy Juve have had for 10 years.”

“Everyone talks about Max Allegri, but don’t forget we had Antonio Conte there first.”

The new ethos around the club is being taken well by everyone in the group.

He said:

“This new philosophy is something we’ve never dealt with before.”

“We like it. Great players need great motivation and the performances will arrive.”

If Buffon was to secure another Scudetto this year, it would be his tenth.

However he has never won the coveted UEFA Champions League, and that is the prize he would desire most of all.