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Report: Carragher apologises to cost host Evra

Patrice evra, Luis suarez
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Jamie Carragher apologised to co-host Patrice Evra live on Monday night football for being a part of the support shown to Luis Suarez.

Jamie Carragher has admitted Liverpool were wrong to wear T-shirts in support of Luis Suarez following the striker’s racism row with Patrice Evra in 2011.

It was alleged by Evra that Suarez used some derogatory language during the exchange which took place during a game between the bitter rivals.

It is common practice for the fans and even the players to exchange pleasantries about each other’s team and even their home town.

Especially during the heated match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

There is a line though, which should never be crossed, almost an unspoken rule. The matter of race is definitely a no go area.

This apparently was not the case when Liverpool’s Suarez had some choice words for United’s Evra.

According to Evra Suarez, he kicked him “Because you are black.”

When Evra confronted the Uraguyian, he said:

“I don’t speak to blacks.”

Evar accused him of using a derogatory term seven times in the exchange.

The end result was Suarez was hauled up in front of the FA and eventually found guilty of racial abuse.

He was fined forty thousand pounds and banned for eight games.

The very next game after the accusations was made, the entire Liverpool team, including manager Kenny Dalglish, wore Suarez shirts in a show of solidarity and support for their teammate.

So when Carragher and Evra found themselves co-hosting Monday night football on Sky Sports together.

The Liverpudlian took the opportunity to make peace and apologize for the goings-on of eight years ago.

Carragher said:

“What I would say is that maybe I, as an individual, lacked the courage to say I wasn’t wearing it.”

“Because once the squad has decided… I have to look at myself.”

“I didn’t have enough courage. Maybe there were others.”

“I don’t think everybody within Liverpool thought that we were doing what was right.”

“But as a family, as a football club, your first reaction – no matter what someone does – is to support them even if they are wrong.”

“And that is wrong. I am not condoning it, but that is the first reaction. Apologies. We got it massively wrong.”

Evra claims he told the disciplinary hearing he did not want Luis Suarez banned, but just a mere acknowledgment that such behaviour has no place in football.

The timing of Carragher’s gentlemanly conduct could not be more apt, in light of the recent upsurge in racist abuse in football.