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Report: Carragher – “I don’t want VAR”

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Jamie Carragher has had enough of VAR and quite simply doesn’t want it anymore.

VAR was trialed last season in various games in English football, after what was deemed successful use in various UEFA and FIFA sanctioned tournaments and games.

This year it was introduced by the English Premier League across all league games.

Its mandate was to help referees and review specific events in a game in the case of a clear and obvious error.

We have yet to resort to referees leaving the field of play to review an incident on a pitchside monitor.

However, the use of a third party at another location watching an incident over and over to make the decision has come in for some serious scrutiny.

Many decisions are proving inconsistent, and certainly clear and obvious.

This has brought the wrath of many managers, players, and pundits on the new system.

Carragher was seen as ana advocate for the program. But after the debacle so far this season he has changed his mind and wants it gone.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he has never been 100 percent for or against.

He said:

“I am probably seen as someone who is pro-VAR in terms of how I have spoken about this at the start of the season and in terms of how I have reacted to things on social media.”

“I was never pro-VAR.”

“What it was is that I felt it should have been given a chance and in some ways.”

“I felt I was fighting for VAR because so many people were negative about it from the start.”

The former Liverpool player thought it could be a good thing if done right.

He added:

“VAR has been brought in to help our game.”

“And when I say our game, it’s not just the players, it is the supporters, the pundits, the owners.”

“We have the best game in the world so how can we make it better?”

“How can it move with the times? That’s why I was supporting it.”

“Never standstill. Other sports are doing it.”

But the continuous problems have seen him have a change of heart and reach the breaking point.

He continued:

“I am now looking at it and thinking that I can’t argue for it anymore.”

“I am actually tired of listening to people complaining about it and I have got nothing to come back at them because the whole point of VAR was to help referees.”

There have been suggestions on how to fix it, such as the pitchside screen.

While this, not something he is in favor of, he is willing to try anything because he has literally had enough.

He concluded:

“So I am not sure it’s this thing [pitch side screens] will cure everything if the referee goes over there.”

“But we have to try something. I am actually at the stage now where I don’t want VAR and I can’t believe I am saying that.”

NORWICH, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 27: The big screen shows that a penalty has been awarded through to VAR during the Premier League match between Norwich City and Manchester United at Carrow Road on October 27, 2019 in Norwich, United Kingdom. (Photo by Marc Atkins/Getty Images)