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Report: Champions League reforms leaked

UEFA Champions League Trophy Tour presented by Heineken - Mexico City
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Recent UEFA documents show proposed Champions League reforms that would turn it into a calcified SuperLeague, according to the New York Times.


UEFA have so far resisted the plans for a breakaway SuperLeague and offered to change the format of the existing Champions League in order to prevent those clubs from creating a rival tournament.

However, the leaked proposals suggest those plans may come to fruition.

“If approved, it would calcify the Champions League into a competition dominated by a small group of elite clubs, and leave as few as four of its 32 places available for teams from Europe’s 55 national leagues,” claims The New York Times.

“The new tournaments would, starting in 2024, allow the top 21 teams in a 32-team Champions League to qualify automatically for the next season’s event, effectively guaranteeing them annual participation and tens of millions of dollars more in broadcasting revenue than their domestic rivals.

“Those rivals would most likely be unable to match the rich clubs’ spending power, and would find it prohibitively difficult to play their way into the Champions League on the field.

“The biggest clubs, notably those from Spain and Italy, are pushing the proposals the hardest, according to people familiar with the discussions. They argue the changes are needed to provide more fiscal certainty year after year.

“UEFA has been in talks about proposals for months with the European Club Association, a group that is led by Juventus’s chairman, Andrea Agnelli, and that is driving the campaign for elite competition.”

La Liga President Javier Tebas claimed after the UEFA presentation that they were being railroaded into a SuperLeague.