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Report: Conmebol willing to punish Argentina due to Messi

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According to journalist Martin Liberman, Conmebol is willing to strip Argentina out of the Copa America 2020 due to Lionel Messi’s criticism.

Lionel Messi’s comments have made their very first effect on Conmebol, they are willing to take the 2020 Copa America organization from Argentina.

The team’s captain made the headlines twice during the tournament his national team lost, he accused Conmebol of being a corrupt organization and AFA completely supported him.

His claims weren’t taken well by the Brazil Football Federation, Leo even got some criticism from former teammates Dani Alves.

Manager ‘Tite’ also regretted praising Messi in the past after hearing about these comments, what the Argentine claimed is extremely scandalous and Conmebol is considering how to proceed after this.

We are not sure how Messi would respond to a possible two-year suspension as the rulebook demands, but he already said he didn’t care about any consequences against him.

The problem here is that his words could affect the country of Argentina because they were organizing the 2020 Copa America alongside Colombia.

A report from Fox Sports confirms that the institution is considering taking the tournament from their hands, they already spoke directly with the Colombian Federation and they are willing to organize the tournament by themselves.

In fact, Conmebol is just waiting for AFA to have a little dignity and pull themselves out of the tournament’s organization before they do it.

It’s not just Messi’s words that worry Conmebol, AFA also supported their captain’s claims through a very controversial letter directed at them.

The odd thing about all this is that AFA president ‘Chiqui’ Tapia, is actually a member of Conmebol’s board of directors.

This is a very contradictory position that the chairman got himself into, he still hasn’t made any type of contact with Conmebol in order to apologize for approving that letter.

This is unlikely to happen as AFA has clearly taken a stance with Messi, they are in full support of their captain because they don’t have a better player than him.

The biggest take away of all this drama is that Conmebol will get away with everything again as nobody can prove their corruption.

Making accusations like the ones Messi and AFA did against them need proof, otherwise they will only get themselves suspended for a long time.

We believe that Leo is going to get that suspension, and we also think AFA won’t be part of the 2020 Copa America organization.

Messi gets support from all over.

The way in which Lionel Messi spoke against Conmebol is a gesture that has all the country of Argentina supporting him, he finally lifted his voice.

We had no idea that this Leo existed in the public eye but he was already a very vocal individual amongst his teammates.

In fact, Messi has been one of the team’s leaders for a long time but he was constantly advised to not speak in public because he could get himself in trouble.

When Javier Mascherano was still part of the squad, Messi always wanted to come out and speak but the midfielder told him not to do it.

Now that Masche is no longer playing football, Messi could finally express himself but this quickly got him in trouble.

If Messi does get a suspension for those two years, this means that we won’t have him playing for Argentina until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

This can also mean that we could watch Lionel make the unexpected decision of announcing his retirement.

Having Messi’s best version playing the Qatar World Cup in 2022 is very unlikely, the man will be 35 years old by the time that tournament comes.

We could very well be experiencing the very last moments of Messi with the Argentina National Team.

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