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Report: Criticism makes me better says Pique

gerard pique, barcelona
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Barcelona’s Gerard Pique has often faced staunch criticism as a person and a player, but he believes it only makes him better.

Pique is not short of people who are aiming for his back like a target.

He has been criticised for is methods and style of play on the filed, to his political points of view off it.

Pique is fully aware of what he is doing but thinks a lot of what is class as controversial, is down the press and lies.

In an interview with Antena 3’s El Hormiguero show, he talks candidly about those who criticise him and how it affects him

He said:

“Normally I’m aware of the mess that I get myself into.”

“I take no notice and I have a good time, the world of football is a show.”

Everything is a farce, everything that you read is a lie.”

It’s all easier than that.”

The Spanish international thinks that players use the problems they deliberately to shake things up a bit.

He added:

‘The relationships with players are fantastic.”

“When we get in a mess it’s because we want to, we want to add a bit of spice.”

As a younger player, the criticism bothered him, but now its an incentive to do better.

He continued:

“I was affected by [criticism] a lot more when I was younger, now it passes me by.”

“You get used to it with time and you know that when you lose you’re going to get criticised and that when you win they’re going to praise you, even though you didn’t play well.”

Pique says its not just a personal thing, but a team one too.

He concluded:

“Two weeks ago, we were in a big crisis and now we’ve won four games and it’s different.”

“It always depends on the result.”

“But having people against me motivates me more because the better you play then the more it annoys them.”

“My last period with the national team had my best years, I came away more motivated than ever.”

The motivation Pique talks of has led him to an illustrious career. He has won 35 trophies for both club and country.

Including a World Cup and European Championship with Spain, and Four Champions Leagues between Manchester United and Barcelona.

gerard pique, spain
TOULOUSE, FRANCE – JUNE 13: Gerard Pique of Spain celebrates his team’s win after the UEFA EURO 2016 Group D match between Spain and Czech Republic at Stadium Municipal on June 13, 2016 in Toulouse, France. (Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)