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Report: Del Bosque would not sign Neymar

Vicente Del Bosque, World Cup, Spain
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Vicente Del Boque would not sign Neymar if he was a club manager.

Arguably one of Spains most decorated managers for club and country, Vincente del Bosque would not entertain the idea of signing Neymar if he was still a club manager.

This is a man who has coached European Champions, and World Champions at international level. He was won all there is to be won at club level.

He has man managed some of the greatest footballers in history. If anyone has a right to give their thought on the former Barcelona man he does.

According to Marca  Del Bosque said:

“I acknowledge that he is a fine player but there are other aspects that turn me off.”

“It would have been good for the domestic league for him to return but I have to say that if I was involved with a club, I wouldn’t have signed him.”

“He is a fine player for sure, but there are other aspects that turn me off.”

“If you were to carry out a survey with Barcelona fans, I’m sure more than 50% of them would have a negative response to his return.”

In regards to the new season, he continued:

“We’ve only played three games and all teams still have question marks and Atlético are the only side with maximum points despite a major overhaul in their squad this summer.”

“Real Madrid are a work in progress with plenty of questions being asked too and this has to do with the strength of their squad.”

“Barcelona are suffering with Messi and Suárez missing but they will recover as will Madrid when Hazard is back to full fitness.”

He added about the ongoing dispute between La Liga and the Spanish Football Federation”

“This is a matter that is good for no-one and they both need to reach a level of understanding for the overall benefit of the Spanish game”.

Vicente Del Bosque, Real Madrid, Champions League
24 May 2000: Real Madrid players hold up the Madrid coach Vicente Del Bosque after the European Champions League Final 2000 against Valencia at the Stade de France, Saint-Denis, France. Real Madrid won 3-0. Mandatory Credit: Graham Chadwick /Allsport