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Report: Disgusting racial abuse of Abraham

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Tammy Abraham receives disgusting racial abuse after the Super Cup defeat.

In a report publicised by The Daily Mail, following Chelsea’s penalty shoot-out defeat to Liverpool in the European Super Cup. The young striker was the target of racial abuse.

The 21- year old, missed the game-deciding penalty, in the game between the Champions League winners and the Europa League winners.

The game between the two English clubs took place in the Besijtas Arean, Istanbul, Turkey.

Liverpool stand in goalkeeper,  Adrian saved Abraham’s spot-kick with his legs.

Racial awareness and understanding organisation Kick it out public addressed the abuse that the player had taken immediately after the game and labeled it disgusting.

Kick It Out said:

“Last night we received reports of racist abuse directed at Tammy Abraham on social media after Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup match.”

“Such abuse is now increasingly predictable, but no less disgusting.”

“We send our support to Tammy and reiterate our call for Twitter and other social companies to clamp down on this level of abuse.”

“This is a call to action – we want to know what they are going to do to tackle this insidious problem.”

The abuse included the use of vile and racially motivated language, as well as racially charged videos.

racial abuse has risen its ugly head of late and has come to the forefront as a problem within football.

Recently a Queens Park Rangers u18 team were exposed to racial abuse on the field of play in a preseason game in Spain

The side eventually left the field of play to a barrage of racial taunts and monkey noises.

Kick it out has recently called on the Football Association to take firmer action and invoke sterner punishments for clubs whose fans demonstrate racial abuse.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND – APRIL 03: Match ball with the ‘Kick it out’ logo on display pre match during the Premier League match between Manchester City and Cardiff City at Etihad Stadium on April 03, 2019 in Manchester, United Kingdom. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)