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Report: FC Barcelona wants a Neymar/Dembele trade

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According to a report from RAC1, FC Barcelona is having meetings with Paris Saint-Germain over a possible trade of Neymar for Dembele.

The summer transfer window keeps surprising everybody with several interesting reports, this one is related to Barcelona’s attempt to bring Neymar back in exchange for Dembele.

According to RAC1’s journalist Gerard Romero, the Catalan club has been holding meetings with Paris Saint-Germain about a possible trade for these two players.

The Brazilian player didn’t have the best time during his two seasons at the French club and he is reportedly fed up with the board of directors.

According to the Catalan media outlet, Neymar doesn’t like the treatment he’s been getting lately and he sees Barcelona as his only option for the future.

A part of the Blaugrana club’s board is not happy with the idea of signing Neymar again, mainly because of how the player rejected the institution when he chose to leave back in 2017.

The other option for Barcelona is to sign Antoine Griezmann but this is regarded as an even worst option for the club, the French forward is also seen as an irresponsible player due to how he toyed with the club last summer.

The limited options in the transfer market leave FC Barcelona with very few choices to make, which makes Neymar’s opportunity even stronger.

Neymar’s price wouldn’t be a problem.

Even though Paris Saint-Germain paid €222 million for Neymar back in 2017, the Catalan club wouldn’t have to pay that much money for the player.

According to RAC1, the deal that is currently being discussed is a trade of Neymar for Ousmane Dembele plus an undisclosed amount that Barcelona would have to pay.

Neymar’s price in the transfer market has been elevated to €250 million after he became the most expensive player in football history.

However, Barcelona is not willing to pay that kind of money for the Brazilian but they would like to include the French winger in the negotiation.

We can’t forget that Ousmane Dembele is currently worth €150 million, which would make Barcelona pay €100 million and give up Dembele before the end of the summer.

Both players didn’t get what they expected from their new adventures in their new clubs.

The Brazil star did win two consecutive Ligue 1 trophies but he fell short on the UEFA Champions League with PSG.

Dembele also won two La Liga trophies during his time in Barcelona but he’s suffered an important number of injuries that have kept him out of the game for several months.

Both players would be keen on finding a new destination where they can forget about their mediocre campaigns of the last two seasons.

Neymar still misses Barcelona.

This is by no means a state secret of any kind, it is well known that Neymar misses his friends from Barcelona and he returns to the city constantly.

The PSG star goes back to the Catalan city in order to visit his former teammates and he allegedly keeps telling them that he would like to return to the club.

All the rumors tying Neymar to Real Madrid are not closer to what really is going on, Neymar’s heart has always remained in Barcelona.

Ousmane Dembele’s situation is very different because he hasn’t really adapted to the Catalan club as people expected.

From the very first day he came to the club, Dembele has always been tardy to training sessions and doesn’t seem to care about the club.

In fact, the player wouldn’t mind being managed by Thomas Tuchel at PSG once again.

The German manager also loved his time with the French player and he would approve of his possible arrival to the club from Paris.

Another aspect that is playing in Dembele’s favor is his excellent relationship with Kylian Mbappe, as both players have developed a close relationship in the French National Team.

We’ll keep you posted on any new development about this possible trade between Barcelona and PSG.


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