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Report: FIFA deny irregularities in votes for Messi

lionel messi
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FIFA has issued a statement denying any irregularities in the voting for “The Best” male footballer of the year, imparticular Lionel Messi.

The announcement of Lionel Messi, as FIFA The Best footballer of the year 2019, surprised many.

Of course, given that, there have been conspiracy theories and an allegations, questions, and suggestions.

FIFA publishes lists, of votes for all the shortlisted players, and who cast what vote.

Immediately Nicaragua captain Juan Barrera has said he did not vote for the Barcelona forward.

FIFA told US sports network ESPN:

“We have checked the voting documents submitted by the Nicaraguan FA and all documents are signed and confirmed with the official stamp of the Nicaraguan FA.”

“Having compared with the vote sheets submitted by the federation and the ones we have published on FIFA.com.”

“We confirm that we have the right votes signed by the player. We are asking the Nicaraguan Football Federations to inquire on this matter.”

While the records show, that Barrera, voted Messi, Mane, and Ronaldo, first, second and third respectively. He denies he voted.

Barrera issued a statement via Twitter saying:

“I did not vote in The Best 2019 awards, any information about me is false.”

Barrera was asked why he voted for Messi by journalists in his homeland, where he catergoricaly denied that he voted for anyone.

“I did not vote for Messi,” he told La Prensa. “Last year, I did vote, but this year I did not.”

Then a second allegation from the Egyptian FA, over failure to recognise their votes for Mohamed Salah.

FIFA said:

“Votes from Egypt for Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah did not count because signatures on the ballot were in capital letters and thus seemed not valid.”

“Plus voting forms were also not signed by the (federation) general secretary which is mandatory.”

FIFA added:

“The Egyptian federation received two reminders to submit the properly signed voting forms on Aug. 19.”

This is sure to rumble on for some time, but the fact is Lione Messi won.

Regardless of what is said, Messi played 50 games last season and scored 51 goals. A record that nobody else got close too.

Ronaldo was a mere shadow of himself as he adapted to his new life at Juventus and Virgil van Dijk was a revelation but ultimately goals win games.