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Report: Former UEFA president Platini vows to return

Michel Platini, FIFA, UEFA
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Former Juventus and France footballing legend and disgraced UEFA president Michel Platini vows to return to football.

Michel Platini was a footballing wonder of his generation. Captain of both Juventus and France. In a career that saw him play as an attacking midfielder.

In what was somewhat of a short career in modern-day terms, he palyer 221 times for Juventus and scored 103 goals. For France, he was capped 72 times and managed 41 goals.

It was long after his retirement that he returned to football, in an ambassadorial role and then as prseent of UEFA.

He was however embroiled in the probe that brought down one-time footballing supremo and FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

Platini received a two million Swiss Franc payment from Blatter which was construed to be illegal and irregular.

It led to a four-year suspension, and his attempts to become president of FIFA destroyed.

With his suspension about up, Platini has spoken out in an interview with RTS Sports, reported by French sports outlet L’Equipe.

He said:

“I never felt suspended”

” I’ll be back. I do not know where, I do not know how. I can not stay on a suspension, even if it is a suspension made by morons.”

He talks of injustice and conspiracy.

He continues:

“I was the victim of a form of conspiracy, yes, absolutely, between the people of FIFA and the people of the Swiss Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPC).”

“There was an agreement, a cordial agreement between FIFA and the MPC to fend me off. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy of the Swiss state.”

He believes current FIFA president Gianni Infantino and a man who Platini fired when in charge at UEFA, has had a role to play in the suspension and is uncomfortable about his return.

He said:

“He may not want me to come back.”

In his soon to be published book about him in the last 20 years of his life.

He concluded:

 “The truth is I never felt suspended.  How can a private box suspend someone’s football? “