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Report: Gareth Bale doesn’t want to leave Real Madrid

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A new report from La Sexta Deportes confirms that Welsh winger Gareth Bale has absolutely no intention of leaving Real Madrid next summer.

We’ve been trying to bring you al the correct information on the situation between Gareth Bale’s future at Real Madrid during the last few weeks.

The Welsh winger finished last season with a broken relationship with manager Zinedine Zidane due to the Frenchman’s decision to leave him out of the starting XI vs Liverpool in the Champions League final.

Bale still played that game and scored an unforgettable double that effectively gave Los Blancos their third consecutive continental trophy under the famous manager.

But the Wales international expressed his disappointment after the match and he even hinted that he would leave the club if things didn’t change for him.

Fortunately for Bale, Zinedine Zidane made the shocking decision to leave the institution and left the player free to become the star of the team on his own.

After a few months passed and more injuries came from Gareth Bale, it was evident that the winger was never the ideal Cristiano Ronaldo replacement.

Now that Zidane is back in the squad for his second spell, there have been reports of the French manager completely taking Gareth out of the equation for next season’s project.

However, a new report from Jugones La Sexta confirms that Gareth Bale has confirmed to the club that he has no intention to leave next summer.

This new revelation complicates everything for Zinedine Zidane’s plans because he doesn’t want the player for his upcoming project.

In fact, the idea was to get at least €100 million for his transfer and use that money to cover the cost of players like Eden Hazard or Paul Pogba.

The club interprets that this new chess move from Bale and his agent could be a plan to push other clubs to make an offer for him, as no formal proposals have been presented for Gareth Bale yet.

There is a constant rumor of Manchester United coming after the Welshman but there hasn’t been any movement yet, this has the player highly concerned over his future.

The situation is reaching a boiling point that effectively could leave him on the bench for the start of next season, as Zidane doesn’t want to include him in the plans.

The French manager believes that Gareth Bale’s time as a Real Madrid player is finished and he can no longer be of any use for Los Blancos in the future.

Bale would make things uncomfortable for Hazard

If Eden Hazard arrives at Real Madrid with Gareth Bale still in the club, things could get really uncomfortable really fast.

The Belgian winger is considered the ideal player who can replace the void that Cristiano Ronaldo left and Gareth Bale wasn’t able to fill.

Gareth staying at the club could send a mixed signal to Eden and an internal battle between two of the best players in the world could take place at the start of next season.

Eden Hazard has never been a problematic player but he wouldn’t accept any confrontation with another star within the club.

This is another one of the major reasons why Zinedine Zidane doesn’t want Bale to stay at the club any longer after the season is over.

But Gareth will play the waiting game until the Spanish club breaks and eventually decides to sell the player for an even lower price than they intended.

The one problem that keeps presenting itself against Gareth Bale and his future is something that is out of his control.

The Welshman hasn’t been able to control the many injuries he suffers throughout a single season, this could be the biggest issue that prevents other clubs from coming after him.

What should Real Madrid do with Gareth Bale, keep him or sell him to the highest bidder? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.