Report: Gianluigi Buffon could join Ronaldo at Juventus!

According to an explosive report from Sky Sports, Gianluigi Buffon and Juventus are about to reach a deal for his return to play alongside Ronaldo.

Seem that Gianluigi Buffon won’t give up on his dream to conquer the Champions League just yet, he might be about to return to Juventus and play with Ronaldo.

The Italian goalkeeper decided to complete his retirement just over a year ago from the club where he played for nearly two decades, only to possibly return next season.

Sky Sports reported this Wednesday during the early hours that ‘Gigi’ has agreed to return as Wojciech Szczesny’s replacement without a problem.

The veteran goalkeeper understands that he is no longer the first option for any professional club due to his age, but he still wants to get one last chance to win the only trophy he needs.

Buffon has tried to win the Champions League for several years, he reached a total of three finals and lost every single one of them.

Now that he has a chance to possibly return to the club of his life, he doesn’t want to hesitate to the opportunity that is in front of him.

Juventus is currently building a team that Cristiano Ronaldo finds competitive enough to win the biggest competition of all.

The Portuguese player was utterly disappointed by the way in which his side was eliminated last season by AFC Ajax.

Buffon has the chance to play alongside one of the best players in football history, if not the best.

‘Gigi’ decided to leave Juventus a year ago and even had a very emotional farewell, he gave PSG one last shot but he wasn’t lucky.

It’s clear that Buffon is still looking to win the Champions League, he almost seems obsessed with it.

The veteran goalkeeper is set to take Mattia Perin’s spot as the second goalkeeper for the club, given that his compatriot is most likely going to pay for AS Roma or Sevilla.

The Italian goalie didn’t have the season he expected in Paris, but he did win the Ligue 1 as a welcome addition to his trophy room.

If this deal comes to fruition, it would mean that Gianluigi Buffon will get to play alongside Ronaldo for at least another year.

The plan is to give the Champions League chance another shot and retire by the end of next season, Cristiano obviously approves of this possible return because he has an excellent relationship with the goalkeeper.

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Even though ‘Gigi’ will come back as the replacement, he does expect to at least have a secured spot in the Coppa Italia matches that Juventus plays next season.

Also, the veteran goalkeeper will help the younger players adapt to the club through his wisdom and advice.

Ronaldo has a great past with Buffon.

Although they were rivals on repeated occasions, Gianluigi Buffon has a beautiful rivalry story with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Perhaps their most memorable moment came during the 2016-17 season, which is when Real Madrid won their second consecutive Champions League trophy.

Cristiano was at the very peak of his powers during that season, ‘Gigi’ was the one who suffered his goals in the final and ended up with a broken heart after the match.

There is a very sweet moment that both players shared as Buffon was talking to the press right after the game, where Ronaldo stops to hug his defeated rival.

Only a season later, Cristiano also scored that mythical overhead kick goal against Buffon in Juventus Stadium during the 2017-18 knock-out round.

There is plenty of history between the two legends, it’s great that they will get a chance to play together and surely celebrate titles.

Destiny will gift us with a beautiful moment if the man who took the Champions League from Buffon is the same man who can help him win it during his final season as a professional.

We can’t wait to see them playing together.

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