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Report: Infantino pressing Italy to punish racism

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FIFA president Gianni Infantino is pressing Italian football to punish racism in a manner similar to English football.

Infantino recently commented on how insensed he was at the lack of motivation inside Italian football to take a grip of its racism problem.

After recent happenings at a Serie A game which saw Romelu Lukaku subject to monkey chants, from Cagliari fans.

The Italian league investigated the incident and decided that no action could be taken due to lack of evidence.

This was, in fact, the third such incident at Cagliari’s stadium.

Previous cases involved Moise Kean, the Italian forward now at Everton, was playing for Juventus at the time. There was also Juventus and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi, Kean’s at the time team-mate.

Following an investigation very similarly but no action was taken on either occasion.

This was then followed by officials halting a game temporarily between Atalanta and Fireentina due to racist chanting.

The FIFA president has now taken exception to the situation. He wants action to be taken.

In England, common practice is for any guilty parties to be banned from stadiums, and Infantino thinks it’s a good model to follow.

Speaking at a FIFA conference preceedng the FIFA Best awards, he said:

“You can’t have racism in society or in football.”

“In Italy, the situation hasn’t improved.”

Racism has no place in the sporting arena, and those guilty of doing such must face the consequences, he continued:

“Racism is combated with education, condemnation and discussion.”

“You need to identify those responsible and throw them out of the stadiums. ”

“You need, as in England, the certainty of the penalty.”

“You can’t be afraid to condemn racists, we need to combat them until they stop.”

FIFA’s fight against racism is by no means new, but Infantino it appears has decided that enough is enough.

FIFA, say no to racism
BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL – JUNE 26: The Brazil and Uruguay players line up with an anti-racism banner prior to the FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 Semi Final match between Brazil and Uruguay at Governador Magalhaes Pinto Estadio Mineirao on June 26, 2013 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)