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Report: James Rodriguez finally convinces Zinedine Zidane

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Over the past few weeks, James Rodriguez seems to finally have convinced Zinedine Zidane of his value to Real Madrid.

James Rodriguez has apparently gone from being one of the main discarded players at Real Madrid, to one of the biggest demands by Zinedine Zidane.

The French manager had some issues with the Colombian before he left to play for Bayern Munich on a loan.

James always had a reputation for not being disciplined enough to play at the biggest club in history.

As a player himself, Zidane comes from a culture that always demanded him to give his all during training sessions and that’s the philosophy that he tries to pass along to his players.

For some reason, James wasn’t in this mindset during previous years but his trip to Germany helped him improve that aspect of his game.

When he left on that loan, James vowed to return someday and convince the gaffer that he is worthy of playing for Los Blancos.

During his time with the Bavarian squad, Rodriguez actually went through some problems of his own with manager Niko Kovac.

While many of the club’s legends kept defending him, the coach publicly stated that the Colombian was a player who didn’t make the necessary effort during training sessions.

This made Rodriguez understand that life as a football has to be tough if you want to be successful, players have to be tired all the time if they want to belong to the elite.

After yet another two complicated years in Germany, James was finally ready to return to Real Madrid with everything he learned from that experience.

The discipline from that country and living on his own was the most helpful aspect of the whole ordeal. However, James met more opposition when he returned.

Zidane was still unconvinced of what he could do in order to help Real Madrid, the initial plan was to get a hefty payday for him from either Atletico Madrid or SSC Napoli.

But James wasn’t having any of that, his primary objective was to stay at the club and prove ‘Zizou’ wrong about the idea he had of his attitude.

From day one since he started training with his teammates, James started showing up for work to put in the hours.

Slowly but surely, Zidane finally caught wind of what was actually happening.

This James was a very different player compared to the one who left to Bayern, this is a footballer who can actually help the Frenchman fulfill his goals at the club.

A leaner and fitter player came back from Germany, James had been preparing to impress Zidane for the last two seasons and it appears that he finally did.

The last few weeks have been eye-opening for the French manager, he is reportedly very excited for the new possibilities that open to the club with this version of James Rodriguez.

The decisive moment that convinced Zidane.

Even though Zidane was already liking what he saw from the player during pre-season and the start of the year, he was still not 100% convinced that he wanted the Colombian in the squad.

But something happened before the international break that was good enough to finally convince ‘Zizou’.

As you all may know, James suffered a minor muscular injury that prevented him from playing the last match before the break.

The star still got a call-up from Colombia because the injury wasn’t that serious, but James spoke to them and told them that he would sit this one out in order to remain focused on getting his fitness back.

This was the final gesture from the player that Zidane really appreciated, the French manager is a sucker for players who get really involved in the process.

Marca reported that Zidane has been coaching Rodriguez from a close distance, and they even say that he will star in the next match against Levante at the Bernabeu.

It all points to ‘Zizou’ preparing a starting XI with Hazard, James, and Gareth Bale inside the lineup behind Karim Benzema.

This possible attacking line seems frightening if it happens, and James appears to have earned this opportunity through sweat and hard work.

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