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Report: Jose Mourinho negotiates with Tottenham Hotspur

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According to a report from Sky Sports, Jose Mourinho is deep in negotiations with Tottenham Hotspur for the manager’s job.

It’s not a secret anymore, the jig is up with Jose Mourinho and Tottenham Hotspur.

The Portuguese manager always told the media that he was waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking on his door, he also always said that he loved living in London.

This led to a lot of speculation about his possible future in football, the options were only two based on his demands.

Mourinho was never going to sign for a club that didn’t have economic pull, nor would he everything about going to a place where he doesn’t feel like he can win titles.

The two options were obviously Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, which is a step down for Mourinho but still good options.

With the Gunners, Unai emery’s situation is similar to Pochettino’s but Jose would wait to the club that opened him the door first.

With the news of Mauricio getting sacked by Daniel Levy, it was evident that Tottenham was going to be the first club that tried to sign Jose Mourinho this week.

There have been reports of several news outlets talking about this possibility, but the first place that got the information out was Sky Sports.

The report confirms that the club and the coach are currently negotiating a possible arrival that could be announced on Wednesday.

Jose Mourinho could finally fulfill his wish of becoming a football manager in the competition he loves the most, and Tottenham Hotspur is the place where he can flourish again.

The Portuguese manager never had any type of confrontation with the Spurs, not like the ones he had with other clubs at least.

Although Tottenham hasn’t won titles in many years, there is a good possibility that Jose Mourinho can take them to win that first title in a short period of time.

The Portuguese manager has proved in the past that clubs with less power than the giants are the ones he can manage more efficiently.

This happened at Internazionale Milano, FC Porto, and even Chelsea. It was at clubs such as Manchester United or Real Madrid where Mourinho struggled.

Clubs as powerful as the ones we mentioned are usually the ones that don’t allow managers to have complete dominion over the club’s biggest decisions.

The only real obstacle that Jose would have at Tottenham is Daniel Levy’s tradition of hiding when the clubs need transfers.

Pochettino’s biggest problem was due to this negativity surrounding Levy’s urge to not sign the players that the manager requested.

Jose will struggle in order to accomplish this because the Spurs are not that wealthy. 

What is expected from Mourinho at Tottenham?

If the announcement become official in the next few hours, Jose Mourinho will arrive at a club that has been constantly growing in the more recent years.

Mauricio Pochettino was the man who put this club on the map, he was the one who managed to solve many of the issues that they had.

After becoming runner-ups in the League Cup, the Premier League, and the UEFA Champions League, the Spurs are ready for the next step.

In Daniel Levy’s eyes, Jose Mourinho might be the manager they need in order to accomplish this level increase.

As one of the most successful managers in the modern era, perhaps this squad requires a boss who already knows how to take his teams to lift a trophy by the end of the season.

Mourinho’s prime objective is always the same, he wants to win the UEFA Champions League for a third time and with a club from a different country.

Maybe he was looking at the challenge from a wrong angle, perhaps Mourinho needs to win this trophy he wants with a less powerful club.

Just like he did with the previous two institutions where he became the champion, both FC Porto and Internazionale Milano.

We will keep you posted on what happens with Jose Mourinho and the Spurs. 

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