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Report: Juventus reach an agreement with Ajax for De Ligt

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After his public announcement praising Cristiano Ronaldo, it appears that Matthijs de Ligt has agreed to join Juventus for the upcoming season.

Juventus is going strong for great footballers during this transfer window, they have reportedly closed the deal for Matthijs de Ligt according to Sky Sports.

The Dutch player was poised to allegedly join FC Barcelona since the month of April, but agent Mino Riola decided to wait for a better offer and Juventus finally gave him what he wanted.

Initially, the Catalan club offered no more than €8 million per season to the player and €75 million to AFC Ajax.

This offer didn’t convince the player’s agent, which is why he decided to look for better offers in European football.

Several suitors for De Ligt began to emerge, clubs like PSG, Manchester United, and Juventus began a bidding war that Riola loved watching from his privileged position.

Matthijs de Ligt became one of the most coveted defenders of this summer transfer window, and he even gave himself the luxury of rejecting Lionel Messi’s FC Barcelona.

This is where the balanced options came into play for De Ligt, he clearly chose Ronaldo over the Argentine after his public statement from this Wednesday.

An agreement was right around the corner, and Sky Sports just released the exclusive a few hours ago.

The media outlet confirms that Mino Riola spoke directly with Marc Overmars, who is AFC Ajax’s sporting director.

The agent revealed that Matthijs de Ligt accepted the offer of €70 million from Juventus, this is the information Sky Sports just revealed to the public.

However, there is more to it than we anticipated. The player was asking Barcelona a €12 million per season salary, something that the Catalan club immediately refused because they didn’t want to take this type of risk for a teenager.

Juventus didn’t hesitate and they agreed to pay €8 million clean after tax, plus another €4 million in variables.

This is exactly what Mino Raiola was expecting from the highest bidder over Matthijs de Ligt, the Dutch player will join Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A.

This transforms the Old Lady into an instant title contender for all the competitions, but we have a feeling that the club isn’t done with taking the summer transfer window by storm.

Cristiano was key in Matthijs de Ligt’s ultimate decision to reject FC Barcelona, the Portuguese player did an excellent lobbying job when he spoke directly with the youngster after the UEFA Nations League final between Portugal and the Netherlands.

Ronaldo has a bigger chance of winning everything again next season with this new transfer.

Paul Pogba is next for Juventus.

Mino Raiola closing the deal for Matthijs de Ligt is a master move from any angle that you want to look at it, but this is only one step in the right direction.

Real Madrid wanted to sign Paul Pogba next season but Florentino Perez refused to pay what Raiola wanted for the Frenchman.

This negative response from Los Blancos was regarded as a perfect opportunity by Juventus, they might take the two most coveted players by from the Spanish giants in one summer.

Manchester United offered Paul Pogba a contract extension at the start of the month, but they don’t expect the player to remain with the Red Devils next season.

Paul has been looking at all the transfer movements made by his agents from a distance, this is the ideal moment for him to make his move.

We might see Paul pushing for his exit this summer, but his exit will be to make a shocking return to Italian football.

Juventus is a club where Pogba was very happy and where fans adore him.

Not playing the Champions League next season is a major reason why the French midfielder made his decision to not continue playing in England.

Now that De Ligt reached an agreement with Juventus, it’s Paul’s turn to complete his.

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