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Report: Liverpool can win the league according to Neville

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Gary Neville says Liverpool have what it takes to win the Premier League title this season.

In an interview reported by Sky Sports, Neville thinks that Liverpool is just a cut above everyone else.

Plus with Manchester City’s injury woes and lack of transfer activity, they are staying ahead of their nearest rivals.

He said:

“I was watching Liverpool at Burnley and I had that feeling.”

“I said last year I thought they were a championship team. They are a championship team. They are playing at a level that could win the title.”

“You watched them at Burnley, and they weren’t brilliant in the first 20 minutes, but they go and get a goal and then a second goal.”

“You talk about the clinical element of a team.”

“The defensive bit is right, the attacking bit is right, and the midfield looks solid and experienced.”

“They are a title-winning team and they were last year, essentially with what they did.”

On Laporte’s injury, its impact on City and how it could help Liverpool he added:

“If Laporte’s injury is a serious one, it is a big problem for City.”

“I said a few weeks ago that I was struggling to understand why City didn’t follow through on Harry Maguire with Vincent Kompany leaving the club.”

“I thought Kompany won them the league in the last 10 matches of last season when he played in all those games.”

“Forget the Leicester moment which was just spectacular, I thought his leadership held them together at a time when Liverpool were applying pressure like you wouldn’t believe.”

“In terms of that leader-type figure, I think Laporte has got that.”

“I think this will cost City points.”

While he firmly believes if anyone can take a midfielder and turn them into a world-class defender it is Pep Guardiola, but he is baffled as to why City took such a risk.

Given their billionaire owners, why did they not try harder to get the likes of Maguire?

He continued:

“To be fair, there is no one better in the world at coaching than Pep Guardiola, full stop. And there is no one better at making what would be make-shift centre-backs play well.”

“I watched two Champions League finals where Barcelona had Javier Mascherano and Yaya Toure playing centre-back against Manchester United.”

“So, I’m not going to sit here and make the mistake of thinking Guardiola can’t turn a Fernandinho or a Kyle Walker into a top centre-back because they have that much of the ball during games.”

“Maguire would’ve been ideal. Manchester United did well to get him but I am surprised City didn’t really go for him alongside United.”

“Maybe they did and they just pulled out because of the money in the end or whatever it was.”

MADRID, SPAIN – JUNE 01: Liverpool players celebrate with the trophy at the end of the UEFA Champions League Final between Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool at Estadio Wanda Metropolitano on June 01, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)