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Report: Liverpool struggles in the win against Sheffield United

Wijnaldum, Liverpool
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Sheffield United proved to be a hard nut to crack as Liverpool stumbled to victory against Wilder’s squad.

Chris Wilder is impressing the football world with his Sheffield United this season. The newly-promoted side faced the vice-champions and the league leaders, Liverpool.

Klopp’s men traveled to Sheffield hoping to continue the winning streak which saw them win all of their six introductory matches.

German manager opted for his strongest starting eleven, fully aware of the Sheffield danger.

Liverpool had less than impressive first-half. The only danger came through Mane, who missed two solid opportunities, even hitting the post after Salah and Firmino’s setup.

Just to highlight how good Sheffield were in the opening hour of the match, here a little stat – Liverpool didn’t have a single shot on goal in the first 60 minutes.

After Liverpool realized they were facing serious danger of dropping points, panic started to kick in.

This resulted in the best period of Sheffield’s play where they had a couple of beautiful opportunities during the middle of the second half, with only poor execution keeping them away from the lead.

After loads of missed opportunities for Sheffield, Liverpool proved why they’re on the top of the table.

Just one mistake from Sheffield’s goalkeeper, Dean Henderson, was enough for Wjinaldum to score his first goal of the season to make it 1-0 after a clumsy reacting from Sheffield’s Number 1.

The home team’s spirit fell off after the Liverpool goal. Sheffield United were caught high up the field in 78th minute, as Salah had the perfect 1-on-1 opportunity.

This time, however, the 23-year old Henderson came through, stopping a surefire goal from Salah.

Sheffield United, being fun as they are completely opened up looking for the draw. This left a lot of space behind, but Liverpool couldn’t make us of it.

The hosts tried to score, attacking any chance they got. They finally got their opportunity in 85th minute when Clarke missed a big chance to tie the match.

Sheffield United kept on trying, with the crowd lifting their team’s energy. However, Liverpool’s defence led by van Dijk held on to an important win.

Liverpool is now 7/7, building a nice 8-point gap before Manchester City’s match today.

Sheffield United did take the loss, but a performance like this should result in a boost of confidence for a newly-promoted side.