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Report: Manchester United players to suffer 25% pay cut

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Turns out that after a terrible season, Manchester United is reportedly going to cut the pay of all the players by 25%. We’ll dive into this in detail.

It’s safe to say that Manchester United had a below average season and the club needs to make some decisions, these choices come in the form of pay cuts.

The Red Devils may be one of the richest clubs in the world but this doesn’t mean they can keep spoiling their players for much longer.

The club’s board of directors have made a correct decision to make a 25% pay cut to all their players for next season.

A report from Sky Sports suggests that this decision was reached by the club’s owners and Ed Woodward right after the club failed to finish the season in the Top Four.

Not playing the UEFA Champions League is a huge hit on Manchester United’s pockets and this should also affect the players.

The club understands that the footballers are mostly to blame for underperforming throughout this season under two different managers.

Jose Mourinho wasn’t wrong when he kept putting himself right in the middle of a war between the players and the club.

The Portuguese manager suddenly looks like he was the one who was right all along, as most of the players he antagonized were an utter disappointment for the club.

The Red Devils have already missed that opportunity after their draw against Huddersfield last week, this will only get them to play the Europa League next season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer agrees.

Norwegian manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have been on the players’ side at the start of his spell with the club, but many of them disappointed him as well.

The former United player saw how several of his favorite names began to deliver poor performances and they only kept getting worst after that historic PSG elimination in the Champions League.

The manager put together a technical staff that he believed could get all the way to a Champions League tournament next season, but everything changed after they faced Arsenal.

That match against the Gunners was exactly when things began to crumble down, there are many players who can take the blame for this.

However, the club is convinced that this pay cut is fair for everybody and not only the players who underperformed when the squad needed them the most.

This decision could come at great cost, as many Manchester United stars could ultimately decide to leave the institution because of this pay cut.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been sending messages to his players about not deserving to play the Champions League, which means he agrees with this decision.

Paul Pogba keeps getting further away from United.

This pay cut decision will mostly affect Paul Pogba’s pocket, the French midfielder won’t appreciate getting a nearly €4 million cut from his elevated wage.

Each of these 25% cuts will be different for each player because they all have different agreements with the club, but Paul Pogba will be the most affected one from this decision.

Real Madrid is lurking in the distance to sign the French player, who was already going to relinquish a percentage of his salary in order to play under Zinedine Zidane.

The advice that he will get from agent Mino Raiola will help him make his final decision, but we can already advance that Paul is most likely to leave United.

We weren’t certain if this player would leave the Red Devils before this news, but a pay cut is a good enough reason for Paul to ultimately leave.

If Pogba decides to leave the club due to this decision made by the club, the fans will finally know for sure that this player is mostly interested in money.

Sir Alex Ferguson was so right when he refused to extend Pogba’s contract when he was younger, the midfielder only came to cash his check and he will leave with a lot more money than he came.

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