Report: Maurizio Sarri to become the new Juventus boss

According to a report from The Guardian, Maurizio Sarri reached an agreement to leave Chelsea and will coach Juventus next season.

The situation between Maurizio Sarri and Chelsea was expected to get resolved over the next couple of weeks, an update places the manager at Juventus already.

The Italian coach hadn’t reached an agreement to leave the Blues yet but the Serie A club was already waiting for him to give the green light.

Turns out they had struck a deal already, Maurizio Sarri will sign a contract for the next three seasons at Juventus.

The former Napoli manager angered a lot of people in Naples including some of the players, they are already calling him a traitor for making this decision.

But rejecting the opportunity to coach a player like Cristiano Ronaldo would be one of the stupidest career decisions any football manager could make.

The Portuguese player is still in his prime despite his age, and any manager who comes to coach the Old Lady has a secured opportunity to fight for all the trophies next season.

Sarri earned his right to coach the Italian club through sweat and hard work, as he really struggled through life during his nearly 29 years as a football manager.

We can’t forget that Maurizio Sarri started coaching in the Italian Serie D and then kept moving up from there.

A brief history of Sarri in Italian football.

After coaching several clubs in Serie D and C, Maurizio Sarri finally got a shot to coach Sere B’s Empoli after an incredible 22 years as a coach.

It took Maurizio a little more than one season to win the Serie A promotion with Empoli, and then he remained in top-flight football after his first season.

This success was more than enough to get SSC Napoli’s attention, which meant a return to his home town’s football club in 2015.

Maurizio Sarri quickly became a favorite among the people from the city, they truly considered him one of their own.

But the Italian manager’s ambition was to reach the stars, he accepted the job at Chelsea with that in mind.

Maurizio Sarri’s career has gone through the roof since then, he became one of the best managers in the world last season and he finally got the attention from Juventus.

The Guardian published a report that confirms Maurizio Sarri will leave Chelsea after only one season.

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The man is signing this contract with Juventus for the next three seasons and the English club agreed to finally let him leave despite his Europa League success.

Why Sarri decided to leave.

Perhaps he was too excited and overwhelmed when he won the Europa League last month, he said that he wanted to remain at Chelsea.

However, the Italian manager quickly changed his tune after all the celebrations were finished.

There is a number of reasons why Maurizio Sarri wanted to leave the Blues, the most obvious one is the club’s decision to let Eden Hazard leave.

Sarri knows that the London side won’t stand a chance against the other clubs in the country if they don’t have a player like Eden.

Christian Pulisic’s arrival won’t mean anything because he clearly still hasn’t reached that level of performance.

Another reason why he decided to leave was the treatment Sarri was getting from owner Roman Abramovich, a man who barely spoke to him directly during his full season at the club.

Sarri was used to having a direct line with the club’s owner at Napoli, a place where he developed a great relationship with Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Roman Abramovich was very different, he had a cold-blooded heart and he only communicated directly with Jose Mourinho in previous years.

These are the main reasons why Maurizio Sarri ultimately decided to leave the Premier League, he will be sorely missed.

What do you think about Maurizio Sarri’s imminent arrival to Juventus? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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