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Report: Messi and Neymar met in Brazil after the semifinal

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According to a report from Diario Sport, Neymar met with Lionel Messi after Brazil eliminated Argentina from the Copa America semifinal.

Argentina’s defeat wasn’t the only detail worth reporting in Brazil last night, because apparently Messi and Neymar met right after the semifinal.

The Brazilian player is right in the middle of negotiations with FC Barcelona to possibly return to the club from which he left in 2017.

A major component of his possible return is Lionel Messi’s desire to have him back by his side.

The Argentine player was one of the most heartbroken people right after Neymar left to play at PSG for two seasons.

Both stars have remained in contact through a Whatsapp group they also share with Luis Suarez, they got to meet in person right after Argentina lost the Copa America semifinal against Brazil.

A report from Diario Sport details how the Brazil international went down to the dressing rooms to celebrate with his teammates.

But he also made a pit stop in the Argentine dressing room in order to have a conversation that lasted over 15 minutes.

Nobody knows the exact content of this extended talk, but we can all imagine what both players talked about.

Leo Messi is currently trying to find his ideal happy place within the FC Barcelona squad, since he hasn’ won the Champions League in over four seasons.

Neymar and Griezmann could be the answer.

Despite Messi already stated that he wouldn’t discuss Antoine Griezmann’s possible arrival to Barcelona, it’s no secret that the Argentine is eager to have the Frenchman by his side as well.

Getting both Antoine and Neymar on his side would be a true transfer market bomb.

FC Barcelona would suddenly become title contenders in every single competition, they already are one of the most competitive sides in Europe right now.

The Catalan club had a spectacular last season as they reached the Copa del Rey final, the Champions League semifinal, and they also won La Liga title with relative ease.

The only problem they have at the moment, is the lack of more players who can accompany Leo Messi on the attack.

The club’s captain understands that he can’t win major championships such as the European Cup on his own, he does need all the help he can get.

Neymar’s visit to his Argentina dressing room could’ve been just to let Leo know that he is coming back to Barcelona, the Brazilian is crazy about returning to the club.

PSG already said no to an initial offer, but they are willing to negotiate of the Catalan club includes some players in the negotiation.

Coutinho already said yes to PSG.

Diario Sport also reports that Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho is keen on leaving FC Barcelona next season.

According to this information, the player was already contacted by the French giants and he agreed on verbal terms with the club.

The plan is that both clubs would swap players and Barcelona would also offer an important sum of money.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is reportedly tired of Neymar’s attitude and he wants him as far as possible from the rest of the players.

The Brazilian is aware of this broken relationship but he will still attend the club’s pre-season on Monday.

Neymar wants to at least give the impression that he wants to remain professional in the light of everything that’s happening.

Pretty much all of the French media outlets are against Neymar’s attitude and they are even calling him a ‘fraud’.

The overwhelming majority of the Ligue 1 supporters consider that this player has toyed with the club since he arrived, they also want him as far from the league as possible.

Apparently, Neymar is considered a toxic player everywhere he goes. Why Messi and FC Barcelona would want a person like this back in the dressing room is beyond our comprehension.

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