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Report: Milan’s Giampaolo talks about the Della Madonnina

Marco Giampaolo, antonio conte, ac milan, inter milan
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AC Milan manager Marco Giampaolo talks about the Derby Della Madonnina, its significance, the challenge and it’s fun.

At his pre-match press conference reported by Football Italia, Giampaolo understands the significance of the game, and that it’s more than just three points at stake.

“The derby has its own climate.”

“It’s a climate that gets you involved and drives you on, a feeling that I’ll tell you about after the game.”

“This is a very important game because the derby makes history in its own right.”

“I lived through a different one in Genoa and I know what it means for the fans and club.”

“It’s an important match, and I aim to play in many important matches.”

He knows all about Inter, their manager and what they have, but Giampaolo only cares about his own team.

He added:

“As for whether Inter are favourites, you have something to win or lose in every game.”

“It’s an important challenge and it’ll always be that way, between now and the end of the season.”

“I don’t know how Inter have got to the game. A derby is so unique that it escapes any kind of prediction. I have faith in our ability to know how to play it.”

“Conti will play tomorrow. He has an important chance. As for the new signings, there’s only Milan for me.”

“I train 23 players and I’m happy to do that. For me there’s only Milan, who are above all individual interests.”

Marco Giampaolo is cool, calm and collected. He expects his players to be the same way. He believes the game alone is enough to get motivated.

He continued:

“I don’t care about jitters, I just want a focused group of players. The level of these games alone gets you going. There’s no need to add anything to preparation.”

“I prefer calm players. We must know how to have fun. There was no confrontation or edginess. It’s been blown completely out of proportion.”

It is often said that form goes out of the window when it comes to a derby.

An AC Milan victory would be a huge scalp and put a serious dent in Antonio Conte’s title aspirations.