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Report: Neymar is scared of staying at PSG next season

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During a Spanish sports show called ‘El Chiringuito’, Francisco ‘Lobo’ Carrasco revealed that Neymar is afraid of staying at PSG.

Without even knowing the truth, we’ve all been spitting criticism against Neymar for his inability to publicly accept that he wants to leave PSG.

A bombshell of a revelation just came to light from a figure who is very close to the FC Barcelona core board members, former player Francisco ‘Lobo’ Carrasco.

We’ve always analyzed this veteran who played with Diego Maradona during his time, he’s always been a diehard Cule member and he is always cautious with every bit of information he shares with the public.

It is pretty obvious that he doesn’t just say something to attract readers or more audience to the platforms where he works today.

When Carrasco talks about something specific, he always nails the information and always keeps it 100 for the audience.

During last Thursday’s broadcast of MEGA’s ‘El Chiringuito’ from Spain, he didn’t take too long to reveal that he knows some very sensitive information about Neymar’s main issue at PSG.

Judging on Carrasco’s voice tone and demeanor when he talked about this issue, it is clear that he is legitimately worried about Neymar’s well-being in Paris.

To those who don’t know, the French club’s ultras have been threatening the Brazilian player during the summer for making the decision to leave them.

Carrasco holds a grudge with Neymar.

This surprised us even further because of the past that ‘Lobo’ Carrasco has with Neymar, he has been one of the most vocal Barcelona legends who is completely against his return.

We previously told you about an important part of the Barcelona fan base hating the idea of the club’s board bending over to Neymar’s will.

There are many who consider the player shouldn’t even suggest the idea of coming back after the way in which he left.

This is a player who decided to go to another club looking for a leading role because he couldn’t handle Messi getting all the spotlight.

On top of that, the Brazilian also decided to sue the club because they denied him a hefty payment they previously agreed because they didn’t like the manner in which he handled his exit.

The fact that the club is still considering the player’s return is starting to become laughable for all of these people who don’t want him back.

Most of the ones who oppose this deal believe that president Josep Maria Bartomeu should have a little dignity and refuse to fulfill another one of Lionel Messi’s whims.

Because all this circus started because the Argentine specifically requested the club to bring his friend back to Barcelona, at least that’s what’s being reported by the Spanish media.

Well, Carrasco is one of these people who can’t forgive Neymar for the way he treated the club and hearing him talk about the player like that was very unnerving.

‘Lobo’ has inside information that suggests the player even fears for his livelihood in Paris, which is the main reason he hasn’t publicly acknowledged he wants to leave.

Turns out that the Paris Saint-Germain ultras have started to create an environment in which the player decided to not even get out of his own house in the city.

Last week’s public demonstration during PSG’s Ligue 1 match on the weekend was a warning from this violent group, they are not happy with Neymar.

This information completely changes the whole narrative in regards to the player’s future, all the criticism against him for not being more vocal on his desire to leave takes a whole new meaning.

According to the most recent information from ‘El Chiringuito’, Barcelona will make one final offer for the player on Friday and they will retire from the race to sign him if PSG rejects it.

This is the perfect timing for Real Madrid to finally step into the negotiation in a public manner.

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