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Report: Neymar still wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain

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According to a report from Le Parisien, Neymar spoke directly with Leonardo on Monday and revealed he still wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain.

Now that Neymar has returned to Paris Saint-Germain for the pre-season, a meeting between him and Leonardo was expected to happen.

The Brazilian player was already spotted alongside some of his teammates at the gym, he was seen with an unhappy look on his face.

The player was expected to have a prolonged meeting with Leonardo and the content of this meeting was revealed earlier on Monday.

For starters, Neymar was notified by his compatriot that the player would be sanctioned with a hefty fine for coming back to the club a week later than agreed.

The player is still on his lane about this issue, he said that he agreed on coming back with the club exactly when he did.

This started the meeting off on the wrong foot, as Neymar was about to drop the same bomb that PSG feared he did.

The Brazilian star doesn’t want to continue playing for the French giants, he confirmed it to Leonardo again on Monday and he expects the club can allow him to negotiate properly with FC Barcelona.

According to the information from Le Parisien, Neymar explained to Leonardo that he isn’t happy in Paris anymore and his wish is to return to the place where he was.

The club didn’t like the way Neymar treated them in the last few weeks, as he allegedly refused to return when requested and he also made some public comments about his past.

The player was questioned about his happiest memory in football, to which Neymar replied that he loved the time when he eliminated PSG while playing for Barcelona in the Champions League.

This comment was regarded as completely unnecessary by the club’s board, they consider it a direct dig directed at them.

To many of the club’s representatives, Neymar already passed a line that wasn’t supposed to be crossed and he reached a point of no return.

Either the club allows him to leave, or they simply let him sit on the bench for the rest of the season as payback.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is fuming against Neymar for his behavior, but he really can’t do anything to prevent the player from leaving if he wanted to.

Granted, Neymar is currently still under contract but no club can keep a player who wants to leave.

In the meeting, Leonardo heard Neymar’s desire to return to Barcelona but reminded him that the Catalan club doesn’t have the money to pay for his transfer as the French club is requesting.

PSG doesn’t want to negotiate with Barcelona.

Given that they were the ones who took Neymar from Barcelona in the first place, the French giants don’t really want to negotiate with the Catalan club for Neymar.

This situation has been taken to the extreme because the club prefers to sell its asset to other clubs before they do it to the Blaugrana.

The ultimate goal that Nasser Al-Khelaifi has is to prevent Neymar from being happy again, mainly because he feels tricked by the player and his family.

We still have no idea how far this drama will take us, all we know is that the player just confirmed that his intention is to leave the club and PSG won’t make it that easy.

The summer is still very long and we could see anything happening with Neymar’s future, you can tell he is not happy at all with his present in France.

FC Barcelona already signed Antoine Griezmann, which means that bringing Neymar is not completely necessary as they do need a centre-back this summer.

The player will go to Barcelona only if the Catalan club can strike a deal that doesn’t involve them paying too much money for him, they still could offer more than one player in the negotiation.

If Neymar somehow ended in Barcelona, the Catalan club would have the most dangerous attack in Europe.

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