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Report: Neymar will fight for great things at PSG

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Neymar has once again committed his efforts to achieve great things at PSG.

The Brazilian, was the wantaway star of the summer. But nobody could afford him, and he ended up stuck in Paris.

Now just as when he first arrived from Barcelona, he has expressed his desire to achieve great things with the Parisian side.

After his very public admission that his time in Paris was over and he was seeking a move, the PSG fans have been less than loving to their one-time hero.

In fact, the relationship broke down totally, with the fans. Banners and chants were demonstrated in dishonour to Neymar and his treatment of their beloved club.

Now that all appears to be water under the bridge, as he has returned to the first team, started scoring goals and publicly declared his allegiance to PSG.

His form has been somewhat of a revelation since his return, and this has gone a long way to appeasing the fans.

Now in an interview, before he represents his national team Brazil for the 100th time, he has gone on another charm offensive.

Talking to the press, he said:

“Everyone knows what happened in the summer market and the desire I had to leave.”

“Today, I feel happy and comfortable with the club, too. ”

“It’s not just with the national team that I’m happy. The season started out very well for me.”

Last week he was willing to give his life for the club, and now he will go even further.

“I will defend my club tooth and nail. I will give 100 percent for us to achieve great things.”

“It was a long summer for me. I knew that I had to prepare, in all circumstances, for a good season.”

“Thank God, it has started well and I hope it stays that way.”

On top of the transfer drama, injuries were a burden on the player this summer. But he hopes those troubles are behind him too.

He added:

“There have been more than three months of injury treatment in the last two years.”

“This gets in the way of any athlete.”

“But if you look at all the games and numbers you will see that I never stopped playing football.”

“Unfortunately in an athlete’s life, this can occur. You have to have a good head and be prepared to go through it.”

“My hope for this season is to stay fit, to hope that nothing bad happens.”

Neymar is apparently committed to the PSG project he signed up for when they paid 222 million Euros for him.

Or has he come to the realisation that nobody is going to come up with the money to get him out of Paris.

Only recently Barcelona’s finances were publicised and they appear to be in terrible financial shape.