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Report: Neymar’s father to meet with Juventus this week

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According to Mundo Deportivo from Spain, Neymar senior is about to meet up with one of Juventus’ biggest officials for a possible transfer.

Even though Juventus already spent big on several defensive players this season, the Old Lady may still go after a player like Neymar this summer.

Before this Wednesday, nobody expected any major movement in the transfer market from the Italian giants.

However, the latest news of Neymar being completely determined to leave Paris Saint-Germain’s gold jail have opened a possibility for the Italian club to possibly bring the Brazilian together with Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is pretty obvious that Neymar wouldn’t mind being part of another club that has one of the best players in football history.

The star already shared the dressing room with Lionel Messi and won several titles in Barcelona, he could easily do the same if he moved to Italy with Cristiano.

This scenario that was nothing but fantasy a few days ago, suddenly turned into a real possibility for Neymar.

We are pretty certain that not even Ronaldo would mind this new development in Juventus’ transfer window.

Neymar going to the Old Lady would definitely make the Italian giants even more into a title contender for all the trophies next season.

No other squad in the continent would stand a chance with these two playing together, that’s for sure.

Neymar senior is traveling to Torino this week.

Before the end of the week, Neymar senior is set to land in Italy in order to have a meeting with Juve’s sporting director.

The man’s name is Fabio Paratici and he agreed to meet with Neymar’s father according to Mundo Deportivo, the two will meet in Torino in order to discuss the possibility of his son’s future.

As we told you in a previous article, the player specifically told his father that he needed to leave Paris Saint-Germain regardless of the destination.

It’s pretty clear that the Brazilian’s father is looking at all the options he has, mainly because he is doing what his son requested.

Neymar doesn’t want to remain in Paris, he also knows that going back to Barcelona is nearly impossible.

It all goes down to what other clubs will be able to offer, the Catalan club won’t go after this player even if Al-Khelaifi lowers his price to €150 million.

As things stand right now, Nasser is requesting €300 million for one of his biggest players.

Time will go by and he will settle for the €222 million he initially paid, then he might go down to €150 million if he doesn’t find a proper suiter for a player he can’t stand anymore.

If no offers at all come for Neymar, both the player and the chairman will have to stand each other for one more season.

What are Juventus’ real chances to sign Neymar?

Given that the Old Lady already sold a total of €110 million in transfers this summer, they might have a chance to gather at least €200 million for Neymar.

The club’s board spent €141 million already with De Ligt’s transfer from AFC Ajax, this leaves them with a deficit of only €31 million.

In today’s market numbers, that sum is not really that much and they still have the economic power to possibly try Neymar’s arrival.

The next few hours will be key to know if Neymar could actually become a Juventus player, we will keep you all informed about everything that happens.

There might be a problem with this possible transfer though, we don’t know if the Brazilian could create problems inside the dressing room with his personality.

Paris already knows how problematic the player can become, he repeatedly confronted many of his teammates both in private and in public.

Manager Maurizio Sarri wouldn’t accept having a trouble maker such as Neymar in the squad, the gaffer would have to approve his arrival before Juventus makes a final decision to pay for his transfer.

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