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Report: Pep Guardiola will take a sabbatical after City

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According to a report from the Daily Star, Pep Guardiola might take a sabbatical after finishing next season as the Manchester City manager.

This pattern from Pep Guardiola is something we have seen before, the Catalan manager could take a sabbatical after finishing next season at Manchester City.

The coach has won a lot of major trophies with the English club but he still feels like he needs at least one more try to fight for the Champions League.

Guardiola didn’t promise that he would win this competition but he certainly has approached dramatically to the opportunity.

Pep did get all the way to the tournament’s quarterfinals and he lost them after a thrilling series against Tottenham Hotspur.

The Daily Star published an exclusive in which they speak to a source that is very close to Guardiola, he reveals that the manager might take a year off after next season.

The man doesn’t seem like he will leave the club this summer, he still looks like he can hold the same level of performance from his players for at least another year.

However, the gaffer does drain himself to the extreme every season and he feels the need to recharge batteries after a few years.

When he arrived at Manchester City, Pep did speak about his tradition of coaching a squad for three years max and then taking a year off.

But given how well the results have gone for Guardiola this far, we understand why the manager wants to coach the club for at least another season.

Guardiola has a contract until 2021.

The Daily Star’s report goes against the deal that Pep Guardiola made back in 2018, when the club’s board invited him to sign a two-year contract extension until 2021.

Things worked out so wonderfully during his second season, that the Catalan manager didn’t even flick as he signed his new contract.

But the report suggests that Guardiola is aware of how tired he actually is, he won’t have any doubts after next season.

There is no way that he can hold this group of players to the same level of performance and accountability as he’s done it for the last two seasons.

This always happens with Guardiola, he sets his standards incredibly high and then he can’t reach them again after another try.

The only thing he has left to win at Manchester City is the Champions League, he and his team will certainly try their best to win it next season.

This decision Guardiola made, reminds us of his words from back in 2012, when he decided to leave FC Barcelona after four years of incredible success.

“The main reason I have taken this decision is because four years is too many years. I have given everything, I have nothing left and need to recharge my batteries,” said Pep before leaving Barcelona.

“The demands have been great and I have not been able to rest much. I have to recover and the only way I can do that is by distancing myself. Otherwise, we would have ended up damaging each other.”

Guardiola’s relationship with the players will be key.

The Catalan manager has a very peculiar way of pushing his players, he tends to take things to the extreme sometimes.

The best representation of this was during the Manchester City documentary for Amazon, where we could see Pep Guardiola is his purest form.

You could tell that some of the players were already starting to grow tired of so many demands from the manager.

Pep had several problems with some of his players at Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the past, he knows he can’t keep winning titles for a long time like this.

Many players eventually turn against him, some of their egos get offended by Guardiola’s comments.

We have to remember that we are dealing with some of the most competitive athletes in the world, their feelings can get hurt from time to time.

Pep Guardiola understands this and he knows he can’t keep pushing them for much longer.

Some of these players are bound to snap, this is what Guardiola is trying to avoid.

The Catalan manager already had some bad experiences in the past that he doesn’t want to repeat.

Despite The Daily Star’s exclusive, Pep Guardiola denied he is taking said sabbatical: “No. I do not take sabbatical years,” said Guardiola after the news broke.

“I am young and I have desire. The news comes out and many things are not true. If they do not kick me out, I’ll stay there.”

“We all want to win the Champions League because it is the most beautiful thing. The important thing is to try again and in our case we will do it again.”

“If we fail, we will try again, as the important thing is to be there until the end.”

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