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Report: PSG move for Icardi was worst case scenario

Mauro Icardi, Wanda Nara, Icardi family
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Mauro Icardi’s move to PSG was the worst-case scenario for his wife and children according to Wanda Nara.

Mauro Icardi’s loan move to PSG, has made his family life difficult.

Wanda Nara is Mrs. Icardi and the player’s agent all rolled into one. So when she talks of the impact on the family’s life and that of their children she knows first hand.

In an interview with Argentine television reported by AS, she talks of her husband’s dilemma and what could have been and what ended up happening.

The player’s exit from Inter Milan this summer was no surprise, in fact, it was inevitable.

The late talk of amending of bridges, between the club and the player, a smokescreen to avoid an ugly fallout getting uglier.

All the transfer speculation seemed to revolve around a move that suited both the player’s football career and his wife and agents television career.

She insinuates that the PSG move was a well-orchestrated plan and a big secret. Although not personally great, is great for Icardi’s football career.

She said:

“No one knew, not even our children.”

“There was never really a serious proposal from Boca Juniors. I waited until the last minute because I had an ace up my sleeve.”

“Mauro packed up a small suitcase and left the rest up to me.”

The move will see the Icardi family separated for large portions of time as they will live between Italy and France.

She added:

“The children go to school in Italy, which means we’re going to live between Milan and Paris.”

Of the three options we had, PSG was the worst one for me as I have to return to Milan to be with the children.”

However, she feels the move is in their best interests and that they turned down easier moves because this is what is best for her husband.

She continued:

“I thought about what was best for him [Mauro].”

“There were several big Italian clubs that wanted him and that would have been easier.”

I have been offered the chance to represent other players, friends of Mauro, but I can’t because taking care of his interests is already very intense.”

“I do it for my love of Mauro,” Wanda concluded.