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Report: PSG wants to sell Neymar to keep Kylian Mbappe

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According to information from El Pais, PSG is actually trying to sell Neymar in order to scare Manchester City away from Kylian Mbappe.

PSG are currently going through a difficult period of time with the whole Neymar situation, one in which Kylian Mbappe is also directly involved.

A report from El Pais details events in chronological order about Mbappe’s arrival to the French capital.

They talk about the player’s eventual desire to leave in 2020 and about a surprising club where he could end up.

We were all under the impression that the club which is the most obsessed with signing Kylian Mbappe is Real Madrid, but we were wrong all along.

Turns out that Manchester City and Pep Guardiola have been talking constantly with the youngster since 2017, the Catalan manager tried to sign him back then.

PSG was very successful in landing the forward’s contract when they competed against ‘Los Blancos’ attempts, but they had no idea that Pep was after their most precious diamond even before they became interested.

When he first signed Kylian, Nasser Al-Khelaifi hired a council that could help him keep a wide net of information in order to find out about the latest in the transfer market.

The reports were very alarming for him, Kylian Mbappe keeps a close relationship with Guardiola from the very beginning of his life in Paris.

The Catalan coach understood that the youngster wanted to experience the league from his country for a few more years, but he never stopped messaging him regularly.

Kylian also has a great friendship with both Benjamin Mendy and Bernardo Silva, players he had as teammates from his AS Monaco days.

When Pep started “fishing” at the French club during that era, his biggest interest was on Kylian Mbappe but he couldn’t land his transfer.

His strategy was to sign three players instead of two. Both Silva and Mendy keep inviting Mbappe to play with them at City, they tell him about the wonders of playing under a manager like Pep Guardiola and how much his level would elevate.

This is what placed Al-Khelaifi on a paranoid state of mind, the PSG chairman prefers keeping Mbappe a lot more than keeping Neymar in the club.

Although he did promise the player that he could leave after his contract was over, he also reckons that letting him go would be a huge mistake from PSG.

There is no question that Kylian is going to become one of the best players in football history very soon.

This is why the strategy for PSG has changed according to this report, Neymar simply doesn’t fit in the club’s future anymore.

Neymar’s wage is the biggest problem.

The Brazilian currently earns close to €40 million after-tax, which is roughly €80 million in total.

Kylian Mbappe is earning €12 million per season, which is considerably less than what his teammate is making.

It’s pretty obvious that Kylian Mbappe’s talent is enough to get him paid at least the same as Neymar, but the club’s finances aren’t enough to keep both players with a similar wage.

If Nasser Al-Khelaifi wanted to do this, the UEFA police would immediately come after him for violating the Financial Fair Play rules.

This is how El Pais has uncovered the truth behind PSG’s wishes to drop Neymar from the club, they want to scare Manchester City away in the near future.

They don’t only have Real Madrid to worry about by the summer of 2020, they also have the Citizens who are coming after Kylian.

PSG knows better about which of both clubs they need to fear the most, City is also controlled by a whole country as the French giants have been for the last eight years.

The clock is ticking for the French giants, they need to get rid of Neymar as soon as they possibly can.

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