REPORT: Ramos and Florentino’s post-loss heated row

MADRID, SPAIN - AUGUST 17: Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid as he stands next to Real president Florentino Perez during a press conference to announce Ramos' new five-year contract with Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on August 17, 2015 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Turns out that Sergio Ramos’ problems are still not over, Diario AS reports that the Real Madrid captain got into a heated discussion with Florentino.

The situation at Real Madrid is getting quite tense by the minute, Sergio Ramos is arguably one of the most talked-about people after getting eliminated from three competitions within a week and president Florentino Perez wasn’t happy about his captain’s attitude.

We’ve already reported that the skipper missed the match against Ajax on purpose after seeking the yellow card during the first leg of the series, this has been heavily criticized by absolutely everybody and regarded as a display of arrogance that completely backfired on Sergio.

After getting eliminated by Ajax and completely wasting the whole season, Diario AS reports that president Florentino Perez was fuming as he went down to the dressing rooms to talk with all his players but he was hoping to get a few one-on-one minutes with Ramos.

According to the report, Perez immediately started scolding the captain and basically recriminating him for his lack of commitment during the last week.

It is reported that what angered Florentino the most was Sergio Ramos insensibility towards the difficult moment the squad was going through, as the skipper decided to film his Amazon documentary for a match the squad could lose.

As soon as Florentino walked into the dressing room, the whole team witnessed how both men started shouting at each other and the president threatening Ramos to kick him out of the squad.

The captain responded by saying: “Just pay me and I will leave. I have given everything and busted my ass for this sigil, for this club, and even for you,” said Ramos as the discussion ended in front of everybody.

Right after that tense moment, the president proceeded to get on that meeting where several topics were discussed, they have apparently reached an understanding that the best possible way to continue is if they bring Jose Mourinho on board but Sergio Ramos would completely be against that.

We can’t forget that the Real Madrid captain didn’t end things on a high note with the Portuguese manager and he would be the one who could block his arrival to the club next summer.

President Florentino Perez has a decision to make after this heated argument with his team captain, it has to do with the choice between keeping one of his greatest symbols inside the club or kicking him out so he can bring a manager like Jose Mourinho.

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Hypothetically speaking, having Sergio Ramos leaving Real Madrid could rock the foundations of the club to its core because he is considered the biggest symbol at the moment and one of the most celebrated players from recent memories.

The captain did raise a valid point during this argument with Florentino Perez, one that the Madrid press doesn’t seem interested in rising because they seem to fully support the club’s president.

During all these difficult times for Real Madrid, the media that cover this whole situation as it unfolds keeps trying to expose someone to take the blame but very few talk about Florentino Perez’s mistakes this season.

Ramos dared to defy the president and blame him directly for the team’s failures this season, this could end up costing him his career at Real Madrid because we all know how much power Perez has at the club.

This is a man who is already considered the best president in modern football history, even above AC Milan’s Silvio Berlusconi and he wouldn’t let his legacy get stained by an accusation from his team skipper just like that.

Sergio Ramos’ future at the club is currently at stake, all due to an argument with his president.

What do you think will happen to Sergio Ramos after this argument with Florentino Perez? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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