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Report: Real Madrid fans are fed up with Zinedine Zidane

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After many polls conducted by the news outlets in Spain, it appears that the Real Madrid fans are fed up with Zinedine Zidane.

We won’t get tired of repeating this over and over, Zinedine Zidane should’ve stayed away from Real Madrid after his first spell.

The French manager left in the best possible manner after the three consecutive Champions League trophies he won.

Somebody should’ve advised him against going back to the club, he was only putting his good name and legacy at risk.

Football is a sport where the fans forget your accomplishments overnight, they don’t care how much you’ve won in the past when you are still part of the club.

This happens specifically with the most important football clubs in the world, they are simply too used to winning titles every year.

Many of them simply can’t seem to understand that the reason Zidane came back to coach in the first place, was due to his love for Real Madrid.

Several news outlets from the country conducted polls in order to ask the fans if they were unhappy with the manager’s work, the majority of them don’t think he will finish the season.

In Diario AS, for example, nearly 60% of the readers don’t want Zidane to continue as the manager.

The players don’t blame the coach for the lack of good results, but they still think that his job is at risk because that’s the way in which Real Madrid operates.

Florentino has Mourinho on speed dial.

Even though Jose Mourinho already stated that he doesn’t like the press talking about him coaching Real Madrid this season, we all know he’s been talking to Florentino under the table.

It’s a well-known fact that the ‘Zizou’ has always been involved in various disagreements with the chairman over several situations, but most of them have to do with players.

The two of them don’t seem to agree on the way in which transfers are conducted, but we have to say that the only major mistake Zidane has made is directly related to transfers.

The French manager doesn’t seem capable of having the capacity to work with what the club offers him, he is not even working well with the players he requested.

The upcoming match in Sevilla will be crucial for the French manager’s future, the fans will be extremely angry if Los Blancos lose another match this season.

We all know that modern football doesn’t give you any chances, losing points this early in the season will affect your titles shot.

Since Sevilla is the leading team in the Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid can change the whole dynamic of the competition if they win at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

But odds are that Zidane will lose another game, and he will probably get sacked within the next couple of weeks.

The sensation we all had before the match against PSG was that Zidane would use a 4-2-3-1 formation, one in which he could use the players he currently has available.

Real Madrid has been hit with one of the biggest injury crisis in its modern history, this may be due to the lack of physical conditioning that the players got during the pre-season.

Given that this system completely crashed and burned in Paris, Zidane is looking for a new system that can save his neck.

The more conservative 4-4-2 formation could be in the cards for the Spanish giants, he might rest a couple of players who are not ready for competition yet.

This Sunday match might be one of the last chances that ‘Zizou’ has to rescue the season, another defeat would really start risking his continuity.

We’ll have a better idea of how much work has been completed this week ahead of the game after Sunday, we might even get news about Zidane’s future on Monday if things don’t work out for him.

At this point, the only other option to replace the Frenchman apart from Mourinho is Raul Gonzalez Blanco.

Florentino Perez likes what the club’s legend has been doing with Real Madrid Castilla, and he is willing to give him a chance if the second spell under Zidane doesn’t work.

What will happen to Zidane after this weekend? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.