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Report: Real Madrid’s wage offer to Cristiano Ronaldo

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According to a recent report, Real Madrid just revealed the wage offer they are willing to pay Cristiano Ronaldo if he returns from Juventus. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Real Madrid is one of the most interesting news of the year so far, but a few things need to happen first. There was a previous report that suggested Juventus would be willing to agree on a negotiation for the player. However, Pavel Nedved just came out to deny they are willing to let him leave. Ultimately, this decision is not for the club to make because Ronaldo only has two years left in his contract.

If they don’t negotiate for him before this summer, Cristiano will have the opportunity to negotiate a free transfer. Given that Juventus paid €100 million for the player, it’s only logical they would want some of that money back. But his wage is another matter of debate due to how elevated it is right now. Real Madrid is not willing to pay him the same amount of money he gets in Serie A. 

Florentino sold Ronaldo due to his wage. 

We can’t forget that Cristiano Ronaldo initially left Real Madrid because Florentino Perez denied him the salary increase he requested. Back then, the Real Madrid star earned close to €20 million per-season as the squad’s top-earner. But recent developments with other stars forced Ronaldo’s hand, he immediately requested for a salary increase. Perez didn’t like this attitude and decided to sell him.

At Juventus, Cristiano currently earns €31 million after-tax. However, Diario AS reports that Real Madrid is only willing to offer him €25 million if he accepts to return to Spain. Perez will use the global pandemic as the perfect excuse to deny Ronaldo the same €31 million he was denied back in 2018. Regardless of the decrease, Cristiano would still remain as the club’s top-earner. Would he take this offer?