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Report: Taylor says authorities turn a blind eye to racism

Neil Taylor, Aston Villa
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Aston Villa and Wales international Neil Taylor believes football authorities are simply turing a blind eye to the racism that is marring football.

Taylor s perhaps one of the lowest profile players to speak up on the matter.

In recent weeks, there have been incidents involving Paul Pogba, Marcus Rahsford, Raheem Sterling, and Tammy Abraham.

There was also the incident in Italy aimed at Romelu Lukaku.

The English Football Association, have condemned the social media outbursts, but have not really taken any steps or action.

The Italian Football Federation said there was not enough evidence to doing anything about the Lukaku incident.

In an interview with Sky Sport, Taylor said:

“I think Raheem’s covered it. I think it is hypocrisy.”

“I think it’s people turning a blind eye because they don’t know what to do, people in the organisation go ‘what are we supposed to do here?’

“Of course you’ve got to go down to the root of it as well and what the people in the crowd are thinking.”

“It’s ridiculous and they’re probably people who are enjoying the fact that they are now making the news.”

“It’s probably their one claim to fame in life, but as an organisation you have to clamp down on it.”

He believes there needs to be a punishment and the more severe the better.

He added:

“If those fans then can’t come to the next 10 football matches because the stadiums are completely empty then it affects everyone. ”

“It affects the football club, it affects the commercial side of the club because they won’t make money because there’s nobody in the ground.”

“Which then means the cameras don’t turn up and it has a knock-on effect.”

“That way it goes all the way down to the fans who then might think ‘we can’t be doing this because otherwise, we don’t get to see our football club.”

Taylor feels that the powers that be need to shoulder their portion of the blame and help resolve the issue and not be a problem too.

He concluded:

“To me that’s incredible. The same people who are causing the problem are the same people who say they are going to help with the problem.”

Neil Taylor, Wales
CARDIFF, WALES – SEPTEMBER 06: Neil Taylor of Wales during the UEFA Euro 2020 qualifier between Wales and Azerbaijan at Cardiff City Stadium on September 06, 2019 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo by Harry Trump/Getty Images)